Why The Heck Do I Put Used Coffee Grounds In The Freezer? 2

Why I freeze used coffee grounds?

Used Coffee Grounds – Why the heck do I freeze them? Photo Credit : Steven Depolo


There has been a bit of a debate recently about whether or not putting coffee in the fridge or freezer is a bad thing. Pact Coffee say that lowering the temp of coffee by freezing it refrigerating, causes moisture to build up which is a bad thing for the coffee. Aussie coffee tasting guru Fred Lullfitz has a different opinion, however, and noted that freezing samples and cupping them much later is a great thing; who’s right? Only one way to find out… FIGHT! 😉 (If you’ve never watched Harry Hill’s TV Burp then you’ll have no idea what I’m going on about).

I have no opinion on this as I’ve never tried it, although I can’t think of any reason I’d ever want to freeze coffee, having said that I’m now imagining a flat white or latte ice lolly, and in my head at least it tastes great! 😉

What I do have to say about freezing coffee though, is that I do freeze used coffee grounds; I thought I’d share this in case it inspires anyone else to do the same. I learned a while back that used coffee grounds were a great thing for the garden, either to put straight into soil or to put in the compost. I discovered this from a TV show, I think it was Downton Abbey – one of the kitchen staff made a comment about taking the used coffee grounds to the farmers. I wanted to find out more, so I Googled it and discovered that used coffee grounds make great fertilizer. From what I read, it’s good to use for growing certain plants and veg which like the acidity, Carrots in particular. Some plants and veg might find the acidity too much though, so it’s advised that for general use in the garden that coffee grounds are mixed with dead grass, straw or clippings in order to neutralize the acidity a bit, or to simply add the coffee grounds to the compost heap.

So I’ve been doing this for a while, but I don’t want to walk down the garden to the compost every time I’ve made a coffee, and I don’t want a pot of stale coffee grounds in the kitchen either, so I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the grounds. One day, I was freezing the soup that I make to take to work with me for lunch, and I realised that a handy way to store frozen grounds would be to stick them in a freezer bag and freeze them. So now when I make coffee, I get the freezer bag out of the freezer, scoop the grounds in and then put it back into the freezer. I don’t do this while they’re red-hot, by the way ;-). When bag is full, I just empty it into the compost; or I could just leave it in the freezer for when my wife is planting stuff in the garden – we have a veg patch.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share that.



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