Trophy Cabinet

I started coffeeblog in October 2015, so to get the first award at the end of 2016 was a real surprise – as was the second one in the beginning of 2017. I thought I’d create this page as a virtual trophy cabinet ;-), to show off any awards and nominations.

Jan 2017. voted among the best coffee blogs on the planet.


Coffee Blog Virtual Trophy Cabinet.Coffee blog has been voted 21/40 among global blogs about coffee, on feedspot.

I’m quite chuffed with this given that it includes the likes of SprudgeDaily Coffee News, Perfect Daily Grind, James Hoffman’s blog Jimseven & Matt Perger’s blog Barista Hustle!

These are blogs that a lot of time and effort have gone into, over a long period of time, and as a result are doing very well. So for such a newcomer to be mentioned in the same breath is a real a compliment!


Nov 2016. The first award for coffee blog!

Voted among the top 25 blogs about coffee, by

At the time of this award, it’s almost exactly one year since I started coffeeblog. Anyone who blogs will agree with me that a year is nothing in blogging, it can take a couple of years just to start getting organic traffic and to gain a handful of regular readers, so to be getting any kind of an award after just 12 months, is great!

I don’t have time to blog as much as I’d like to, I work full time so I can only blog currently evenings and weekends, so I’m quite pleased with myself with what I’ve been able to do with coffee blog in my spare time within a year.

The blog has amazed me to be honest in terms of how quickly it has climbed up the google rankings and started to gain organic traffic. I’ve been doing this web thing for a while now, mainly for other people (I work in web marketing), and I have never seen such quick growth before.

Coffee blog went from zero to close to ten thousand unique visits per month (with amazing metrics when it comes to time on page, pages per session etc.,) within a year! I can’t take full credit for that, I think it’s a lot to do with good timing in terms of the rise in interest in speciality coffee, which is a great thing!

Now unfortunately you’ve come to the end of the page. This trophy cabinet is looking a bit sparce… but it’s early days, the blog is only 15 months old, and given some time I’m sure we’ll need a new cabinet! 😉

Wondering where to go now? Why not go see the list of UK coffee roasters, and try some lovely freshly roasted coffee beans?