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The Best Coffee in the World.
Wondering what is the best coffee in the world? Well, I know what it is, and I might just tell you, because I’m a nice guy ;-). It is…. Drumroll… speciality coffee. Freshly roasted high quality coffee beans from one of the dozens of small batch coffee roasters that we’re fortunate enough to have in the UK! Exactly which speciality coffee […]

Best Coffee in the World

Swedish Egg Coffee...WTF?
One of the things I want to explore when it comes to coffee, is all the weird and wonderful variations of coffee that are enjoyed all over the world. I love Gaelic or Irish coffee; I’ve tried Turkish coffee or “Middle Eastern Coffee” and loved it, Iced Frappé is a drink I’ve had in Greece and I’ve also made myself […]

Coffee Made With Egg – Swedish Egg Coffee, Really??