Gaggia Classic

The new Gaggia classic 2018/19.
As you’ll know if you read my original Gaggia classic review, I’m really fond of the original Gaggia Classic – as many people are. Released in 1991, the Gaggia Classic was an incredibly popular home Espresso machine and remained largely unchanged (why fix what isn’t broken?) until 2009 when Phillips took over Gaggia & things began to change.  The original […]

Gaggia Classic 2018 2019 Review. Do They Make Them ...

As you’ll know if you’ve read some of my earlier posts, I’ve had my Gaggia classic now for over a year. I bought a pre 2009 version, it’s actually 14 years old, but being one of the original made in Milan machines, it was built to last. One of the things that had been beginning to frustrate me with the […]

Gaggia Classic Latte Art Hack – Throw The Manual Away ...

My Gaggia Classic.
This is my user review of the original (pre 2009) Gaggia Classic espresso machine, a very well priced, tried and tested espresso machine. This is a user review written over the period of about 18 months, while using this Espresso machine at home. I wrote the review when I first started using the machine, and then continually updated it over […]

Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine Review