Keto Coffee. 1
Keto is a term which many will be familiar with, and if you’re already in the Keto club then I don’t need to explain the Keto diet to you of course ;-), but I’ll provide an explanation, for the uninitiated – as well as describing the methods I’ve been experimenting with to find the best low carb recipes for making […]

Keto Coffee – How to Make Very Low Carb Keto ...

Coffee Shop Menu
One thing I’m often asked by people who’re just in the process of discovering speciality coffee in the UK, as many people are, is about the difference between the various coffee types, for instance Americano vs. filter coffee, Latte vs. cappuccino, flat white vs. Macchiato and so on.  I’ve told the story here before about being stood behind a guy […]

Types of Coffee & the Difference Between Them

Broadening Your Horizens With Different Coffees.
Are you predictable in your choice of coffee? If you walk into your favourite coffee shop, does the Barista know what you’re going to order as soon as they see you? I know people like this, and I used to be like this myself until I purposely broadened my horizons by trying a different kind of coffee each time, and […]

Broadening Your Horizons With Different Coffee Drinks.