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One thing I’m often asked by people who’re just in the process of discovering speciality coffee in the UK, as many people are, is about the difference between the various coffee types, for instance Americano vs. filter coffee, Latte vs. cappuccino, flat white vs. Macchiato and so on.  I’ve told the story here before about being stood behind a guy […]

Types of Coffee & the Difference Between Them

Aeropress vs cafetiere - FIGHT!
I love cafetiere coffee, I love Aeropress coffee, Espresso, pourover – there’s a recurring theme here… I love coffee! But there’s something I’ve become aware of lately, and that is the impression that some people have that the Aeropress is a form or style of cafetiere / French press, rather than a coffee maker in its own right. This is […]

Aeropress Vs. Cafetiere / French Press.

Andrew James Stainless Steel Cafetiere Review. 2
This is an honest customer review of the Andrew James stainless steel cafetiere I got this for my birthday last Friday, and this was what actually inspired me to start this blog, believe it or not. I was about to go and review it on Amazon, but also I was planning on starting a new blog and was debating with myself […]

Andrew James Twin Walled Steel Cafetiere – Review