Starter Box/Blender Box no1 from Roasters Artisan Coffee Beans

Roasters Artisan Coffee Devon.

Roasters Artisan Coffee in Devon, are one of the many UK roasters in the UK coffee roasters directory.

I’ve sampled some of their coffee in the past, and remember being impressed, with the coffee, and the value for money offered by this roaster, who offer wholesale priced coffee beans directly to the public. What I didn’t actually realise at the time, was that there was anything different about the way this roaster roasts their coffee, but I’ll get to that in a minute…

So when they got in touch recently asking me would I like to sample their starter/blender box, obviously, I said yes! ;-). I never say no to coffee…

By the way, in case anyone is wondering, this is not a sponsored post, a paid review, or anything of that nature – I never do anything commercial like this, I’ve never taken money for a post or a review, and never will. Everything you read here is my own honest, and unadulterated opinion. 

Massive great big huge cardboard box.

OK, maybe it wasn’t quite this big ;-), still, was quite a big box of coffee.

Anyway, I digress, so getting back to the review of the coffee…

When it came, I wasn’t sure what this package was that I had been presented with, a pretty huge box.

I’m used to getting fairly compact packages of coffee samples. Even three bags of coffee usually would be a fairly small package – so I opened the box and discovered that this really isn’t a roaster who do things by halves, their starter box is 500g of three coffees, so 1.5k in total!

There’s a chance you’ll be doing the same, by the way, quite soon – as there’s going to be a chance to win one of these starter boxes from Roasters Artisan Coffee very soon, keep your eyes open for the next competition…

Have a look at their website,, and you’ll see they offer their 1.5k boxes for £20.30, this is £6.67 per 500g, the equivalent of £3.83 for a 250g bag, so we really are talking wholesale pricing here. If you’re within a 10 mile radius of TQ12 5EZ, they’ll even personally deliver, and give you a discount…

Before I talk about the coffee itself, a bit of info about this roaster: Founded by Peter & Carol Pitts back in 1979,  Roasters Artisan Coffee started out by delivering free coffee brewing setups on loan, to businesses around Newton Abbot, and then delivering a regular supply of freshly roasted coffee to these businesses.

They did this very successfully, building up a client base of over 400 businesses, before beginning to also offer their freshly roasted coffee beans directly to the public,  via food markets, festivals and other events, and then also via their own website and other online marketplaces.

Roasters Artisan Drum RoasterWhat makes this roaster stand out in particular, is their use of a traditional drum roaster – the rights to which, Peter actually bought from the inventor himself.

If you manage to catch Peter and Carol at a food festival or other event, you may get to see them in their mobile coffee roasting trailer, showing off this unusual coffee roaster. I say “unusual”, it wouldn’t have been once, it was a traditional method for roasting coffee, with no mod cons, no technical assistance, an old fashioned process which relied 100% on the skill of the roaster, and nothing else.

It’s all about the senses, this process, as with other traditional roasting methods, the roaster needs to rely on their sense of smell, vision and hearing, and their knowledge of the coffee beans they’re working with, and where they need to take the bean to in order to get the best out of it.

So there’s a couple of good reasons to try coffee from this roaster, one is that it’s single origin coffee roasted using a traditional method that is rare now among UK coffee roasters, and the second main reason is that it’s just such great value for money at these prices!

What’s in the box?

Roasters Artisan Coffee Devon, Review.

In their Starter/blenders box no1, is three x 500 gram bags of whole coffee beans:

  • Brazil Santos

Lovely Brazilian coffee, balanced and well rounded. Overall, I found this to be a very enjoyable coffee, great as a house bean for every day drinking via any of the coffee brewers. Enjoyed it via Espresso too.

  • Colombian Excelso

Really enjoyed this one, medium roast single origin colombian. Great all day “chugging” coffee, tasted very good via Aeropress, Oomph, and V60, great as Espresso too. Very nice for such a low price! Oh look, I’m a poet and I didn’t know it ;-).

  • Espresso Unique.

This is Roasters Artisan Coffee’s espresso blend. It’s a particularly dark roast, it produced lots of lovely thick crema via my La Pavoni. It is a dark roast though so just beware if you’re not into dark roasts. I’m quite partial to some dark roast Espresso blends as long as they’re not too heavy in Robusta, but they’re not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you don’t fancy such a dark roast, their Colombian, Brazilian and Kenyan beans are worth a look. 

The idea with the starter box, is that you can decide which is your favourite, and then if you want to keep buying this coffee, you can buy a whole 1.5k box of this coffee each time, and keep stocked up with your chosen house coffee. But if you don’t like dark roasts, and you want to try the three lighter roasts, I’m sure if you get in touch with them, they’ll be happy to help.

By the way, if you’re doing this and you’re wondering about storage, storing coffee beans in the freezer is fine as long as you separate it into smaller packages, so you can take out whatever you want to use without getting the entire bag out of the freezer. For more see best coffee storage.

These zip lock bags that the coffee comes in are very good, though, they’re not like some of the bags I’ve had which seem to want to open themselves.

FREE limited edition Roasters Artisan Cup, for coffeeblog readers.

Not only do you get 1.5 Kilos of freshly roasted coffee for just over £20, if you enter the following into the text box on the ordering page:


You’ll get this pretty coffee cup, free, nice eh?

If you fancy this – you can order online at or if you’re phoning to order, or visiting if you’re local to Newton Abbot, just mention this post, and I’m sure you’ll still get the free cup.

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