Small Business Website Design Packages

There are a few crucial elements when it comes to business websites being successful, and these elements are present in all three of the website design packages I offer for cafe’s and other small businesses…starting at just £30!

Business websites need to be able to attract visitors and convert them into customers. If someone is searching for a coffee shop in your area, or if they’ve heard of your business and are trying to find out more about you, where you are etc., your website needs to be found, and then it needs to work to turn visitors into paying customers. 

It’s not the size of a website, how much is invested, or how many bells and whistles it has which is important, it’s simply how good a job it does of attracting visitors and converting them into customers. Many business websites do a terrible job when it comes to either one or both of these areas, including some website which have had a LOT of money invested in them. 



Espresso Small Business Website Design Package

Photo Credit: Brian Legate


This is what you’ll get with the Espresso package: 

  • A great looking,  professional, fast loading, Google friendly website.
  • Fully responsive mobile & tablet friendly design.
  • Mailing list sign up form, allowing you to harness the power of mailing list building and marketing. 
  • Embedded Google Maps Directions, ensuring potential customers can find you, and helping to improve Google Maps ranking.
  • Social media buttons and feeds, to improve social media following. 
  • Google Analytics installation
  • Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) verification, synched with Google Analytics

Fast loading

Page loading speed is important, both in terms of the visitor (you don’t want visitors clicking the back button as they’re fed up of waiting for the page to load), and Google friendliness, as loading speed is a ranking factor. 


It used to be the done thing to develop a website with one screen size and resolution in mind, which meant that viewing on other screen sizes or devices could result in the page either looking very narrow, or too wide for the page and having to scroll from left to right to see the full page, an separate websites were required for mobile / tablet. 

The most up to date solution, is called responsive design, and this means the the website automatically responds by re-sizing the page to match the screen size and resolution of whatever device is being used. 

Mobile friendly

Many people view websites on their mobile or tablet, and this is especially important when it comes to local small businesses such as cafe’s, as people often search for such businesses while they’re out and about from their phones. 

Being mobile friendly not only ensures that your website works perfectly from smart phones and tablets, it’s also another Google Ranking factor. If a website isn’t mobile friendly, Google even displays a warning now in the search results that the page isn’t mobile friendly.

Google (and all other search engines) Friendly

Being Google friendly means your website is built with search engines in mind, ensuring that there are no obstacles being developed which will hinder search engine ranking. Some websites even now, including some very good looking and very expensive websites, are not search engine friendly, due to the fact that not all designers and developers hold search engine friendliness as important as design. 

Mailing list sign up form

If you don’t have a website with a mailing list sign up form with the goal of converting visitors into subscribers, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Websites generally convert from visitor to subscriber at a much higher conversion rate than the conversion rate of visitor to customer. How many websites have you visited only once, and never gone back to? Without a mailing list, most people who visit your website will never return. Once visitors are subscribed to your mailing list, you can work on (with the use of Auto responders) converting visitors into repeat visitors and ultimately into paying customers. 

Please note, you will require an account with either Aweber or Mailchimp so that I can set up your mailing list. 

Embedded Google Maps Directions

This makes it easy for your potential customers to find you, which is very important. Also, having a Google maps feed embedded in your website appears to be a ranking factor for businesses on Google maps.

Social Media Feeds  / Buttons

Social media buttons linking to your facebook, Twitter and / or Instagram, and any other channels you use, is a must. I also recommend that clients use feeds for any social media channels they’re particularly active on. A feed is a box on your website showing your latest activity, if you’re active then it’s a good thing to have a feed on your website in order to encourage visitors to follow you, but if you’re very inactive in a particular social media channel then I wouldn’t recommend a feed, as a feed from a very inactive account would just highlight the inactivity, which isn’t a particularly positive thing to highlight. 

Google Analytics and Google Search Console Setup & Syncing.

Google Analytics is amazing, and it’s free to use, so in my humble opinion every business website should be running Google Analytics. It’s amazing because you can see where your visitors are coming from, geographically and how they came to your site, via a referral from another site, or from a Google search etc., and in many cases (not all) you also know what search terms are bringing the visits, thanks to Google Analytics. 

The reason Search Console is also important, as well as being able to get Google to crawl your website, and check for errors, having this account set up and then syncing it with your Google Analytics account allows you to use the search console section of Google analytics, which shows you the search term information among other very useful info. 

Setting the two up, getting the website verified with both, setting the default site www vs non www, and other little bits and pieces is a bit of a minefield if you’re not used to it – I do it all the time, so it doesn’t take me long to do this, and it saves my clients the messing about, which is why I include it in the web design packages. 

Why Espresso?

The base of any of our favourite speciality coffee drinks, Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White, Cortado and so on, is of course Espresso. We add streamed milk  to the Espresso  in varying quantities and texture in order to make these espresso based drinks,  and for me this is the perfect analogy when it comes to differing sizes and styles of website. If you think of website content as steamed milk, then you’ll see why I’m referring to the packages as Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte, in terms of the size of the website, in the same way Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte differ from each other mainly by the amount of steamed milk added.  

£30!??  (Usually £99)

Thirty Pounds.

Yes you read that correctly. The Espresso website design is usually £99, but for a limited period I will charge you just £30 – THIRTY POUNDS!

There is then a monthly payment of just £15 per month, and this includes hosting, general maintenance and support.

Why so cheap?

I’m sure you’ll agree that £99 is very cheap for what I’m offering. Many businesses pay several hundreds, or even several thousands of pounds for their business website, and then the monthly hosting fee alone can often be around £50 or more, so what I am charging currently, is ridiculously cheap, and it is intentional.

I also offer other services including affordable SEO services &  content creation, so the more clients I have, the more additional business I will do with my other services – this is why I usually have this package priced so low, and the reason I have it priced even lower right now is simply that I really want as many new clients in as possible over the next few weeks, to help me to achieve my own business goals.

It won’t stay this low forever!

This is a fixed price, so you don’t ever need to worry about me putting up the price in the future once you’re my client, but once I have a certain number of coffee shop clients on board at this price, I will be increasing my pricing to a more reasonable cost. 

This is the package for you? If so, Click here 



Cappuccino Small Business Website Design Package

Photo Credit: Ben Alman

With the Cappuccino website design package, I will provide you with exactly the same great features as with the Espresso package, and a bigger website in terms of content. Again, just think of website content as steamed milk, and you’ll see that all the web design packages I offer contain the most important elements, and they differ only in terms of volume. 

This package is for coffee shops who want a bit of a more sizeable website in the number of pages, and the amount of information about their website that is published.

The Cappuccino package includes the home page content, and up to an additional 5 pages, including for example pages such as our story,  location, menu, meet the team, our coffees.

Having a ‘bigger’ website, is what some coffee shops and other small business feel is right for them, in terms of the info that they would like to share on their website. Having more content also gives you the ability to focus on a wider range of search terms when it comes to search engine ranking, and it also helps you to develop a better ‘Google Authority’, which can help you to rank better for more competitive search terms, that a “thinner” website in terms of content might struggle with. 

The Espresso package I think is perfect for cafe’s and other small businesses on a tight budget who simply want to start improving their results online without committing too much cash. If this describes you, and you’re not sure if you might need something along the lines of the Cappuccino package in the future, don’t worry, you can upgrade at any time from one package to another, so you can just sign up for the Espresso package now and upgrade in the future if you decide to.  

What’s the damage? 

The initial cost for the Cappuccino package is £349, followed by £20 per month for hosting, general maintenance and support.

£349 for a website like this really is a staggeringly low cost, and again the only reason I’m offering such low prices currently is that I’m wanting as many new coffee shop clients on board as possible. There will come a time, probably in the fairly near future, where I decide that I need to slow down on the amount of new clients I’m taking on, at which point I’ll put the prices up to a more reasonable amount, but when this does happen you won’t pay any more for any of my services.

If this sounds like the package for your business,  Click here.



Photo Credit: Edsel Little

The Latte website design package, as with the Cappuccino package, includes everything offered in the Espresso package, just with a lot more content, giving you a bigger cup of website ;-). 

This package includes unlimited numbers of web pages and posts, and comes with a blog, allowing you to continually add more juicy Google friendly content in the form of blog posts. If required, this  package can include an Ecommerce section at no extra cost, allowing you to sell goods online via your website.

Having a blog is a brilliant resource for any business, as long as it’s used. If you plan on posting new content including updates, news, details of new guest roasters, details of events and other news, photos, videos etc., on a regular basis, then you can do a lot of good with a blog when it comes to pulling visitors in to your website. I know this from experience, with my blog I went from zero to around ten thousand visits per month in just over a year, by regularly blogging. 

Having an Ecommerce website can be a brilliant thing for any business, allowing you to roll out your offering from just cafe’ sales to national or even international trading. If you’re also a roaster, you can sell your beans online of course, and if you sell brewers and other merchandise in your coffee shop, there’s nothing stopping you from offering these products online. Coupled with mailing list building and marketing, some small businesses do very well selling products online. 

The Latte website is the right package for someone who is really serious about putting time and effort into pushing their website, and requires the best vehicle for allowing them to do this. This really isn’t a package for a business who just want a website, if you’re not going to make the most of the features of a website like this, then you’re probably better off sticking to the Espresso or Cappuccino package. If you want to fully harness the power of the internet to push your business forwards though, and you plan on being very active in this regard, then the Latte package may be the right one for you. 

What’s the damage? 

This is a much bigger website to develop, and the initial cost is  currently £1,200 followed by £30 per month for hosting, general maintenance and support. This is an offer price, and will soon be increasing to £1,850 followed by £30 per month.

As this is a bigger upfront expense, the payment is split, and there are more than one payment options. Click here for more info.

While this is much more money initially than the cappuccino package, it’s still actually a very small amount to pay for professional website design, especially for a website with these features. If you ask around and get some quotes for a similar package, you will probably find that you get quotes back in the range of at least £2,500 and upwards, and depending on the companies you contact, you will probably get some quotes back in the region of £10,000 or more! 


There is flexibility in the price of this package depending on exactly what you need. For instance you may decide that you want the additional page content and Ecommerce, but that you won’t be using the blog section, or that you do want some ecommerce but only on a very small scale. Whatever the case, if you do feel that you’re not going to quite need the full features offered with this package, but that you do need something larger than the Cappuccino package, just email me, and I’ll see what we can do. 

If you have decided that the Latte package is right for you, and you’re going to require the full features, click here

If you have any questions at all about small business website design, just email me.