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Father’s day 2018 is Today, Sunday the 17th of June. I wrote this post a few weeks ago, and I’m now updating it on Father’s day, 17th June 2018.

I nearly forgot Father’s Day!

Well, I remembered, I bought the gift, but then I forgot to send it until Friday. No problem, I went to the post office РI recall Saturday delivery for a small packet being six or seven quid, so no bother. Imagine my amazement when the nice lady at the post office told me that the price for sending this package on a Saturday delivery, was over £16!! Whaaaaaat!? OK it was a bit heavier than I thought, but still, sixteen quid for a small packet?

The woman stood behind me in the queue became very concerned as she was sending her small parcel to the States! ūüėČ

I’ve noticed a few things about the post office since they broke away from Royal Mail, I won’t get it to it too much here other than to say it’s not positive, as this isn’t the place for it, but one thing I’ve noticed is that the price has gone up!! The price they charged me is actually over ¬£6 more than the Royal Mail price finder price on their website…

But anyway, I digress. 

Getting back to the point of the update to this post…

Did you forget Father’s day?

If you did, and you’re looking for a last minute belated Father’s day gift – I’ve spoken to Blue Coffee box, and they’ll still honour their special Father’s day offer below, meaning you can get Dad a great coffee subscription for Father’s day if that’s what you were planning on doing, and you’ll still get the offer.¬†

Although the first box won’t be delivered for a few days, you can just print off the confirmation – or even just save the image below, and print off a word doc telling dad what you’ve got him.¬†

Blue Coffee Box Deal.

Here’s the deal:¬†

Blue Coffee Box, one of my favourite coffee subscription firms, have a great special offer on for Father’s day 2018, just for coffeeblog readers!¬†

Blue Coffee Box are a multi-roaster subscription service, offering a discovery coffee subscription, delivering a box of three different coffees each month (or each fortnight, or every two months, depending on your choice) from different origins, different coffee varietals, different processes and different roasters, working with some of the UK’s best coffee roasters.

Here’s their Father’s day offer, for coffeeblog readers only:

Purchase a Blue Coffee Box subscription gift, and get £9 off Рor Рpurchase any Blue Coffee Box bag gift (a single bag rather than a coffee subscription) and get £3 off. 

For the box subscription discount, just type or paste the code CB719 into the voucher box at checkout, or for the bag discount, use the code CB713 Рat

There’s more…

If you’re buying a multi-month subscription (for three, six or twelve months), they will also send you (the person buying the gift) a free Blue Coffee Box bag of coffee worth ¬£7.99! All you need to do is reply to the purchase confirmation email with your address for the free bag, and they’ll send it to you straight away.

Also, I had a word with the nice guys at Blue Coffee Box – and they’ve agreed that even if you’re buying a subscription for yourself (so, not selecting the gift option) they will still honour the free bag offer, just until Father’s day! So if you were thinking of going for a subscription, now would be a good time even if it’s not as a Father’s day gift.

It was actually a coffee gift that prompted me to start coffeeblog in the first place! A few years ago, my wife and kids bought me a new stainless steel cafetiere for my birthday. I was starting to write a review about it on Amazon, and the review was getting quite long.

I was thinking about starting a blog anyway, but I wasn’t sure exactly what to focus on, and suddenly creating a blog about coffee became the obvious choice, and this review became the first ever post on coffeeblog.

Coffee Subscription for Father’s Day?

My first choice when it comes to a great Father’s day gift,¬†would be a coffee subscription.¬†

As you’ll know if you’ve read my best coffee subscriptions post, I have a few coffee subscriptions – I drink a lot of coffee ūüėČ and a coffee subscription is definitely something I would recommend as a great Father’s Day gift for 2018 for any coffee lover, given that there are quite a few great coffee subscriptions now.¬†

The reason I think coffee subscriptions are so great¬†isn’t just about keeping stocked up, although that’s one benefit of course,¬†the best thing for me about subscriptions is discovery and variety. With coffee subscriptions, you get to try different coffees from different origins, different varietals and different processes, meaning that you get to discover a wide variety of different tasting coffees.¬†

This is why my favourite coffee subscriptions are who they are, as they all deliver a variety of different coffees each time, rather than just a “supply” subscription whereby you would choose a coffee and just have the same one delivered each week or month.


Other Father’s Day Coffee Gift Ideas

Coffee Brewers 

If the coffee lover you’re buying for, doesn’t own one of the following brewers, any one of these would make a great Father’s day gift – enabling dad to add another brewing method as a string to his bow when it comes to brewing coffee, at home or while out and about.


This is has become one of the most popular coffee brewers over the past few years, and it’s easy to see why.

Aeropress is faster and easier than more traditional home coffee brewing processes such as cafetiere & filter, and cleaning up is mega fast and easy (basically just firing the spent puck of coffee into the bin or compost, then giving it a rinse & a wipe).

Made by Aerobie (yes, the same people who make the famous flying ring), Aeropress makes a great coffee, either Espresso style, or Americano style coffee depending on how you want it, you basically just add less water if you want an Espresso style coffee. I say “style”, as it isn’t quite espresso, you don’t get the crema, but it’s not a million miles off, which is amazing for a coffee maker at under ¬£30!

There are various different ways to use Aeropress, you don’t have to follow the instructions – in fact, there are national and international Aeropress championships, entered by Aeropress baristas each who have their own specific process for brewing the way they believe makes the very best Aeropress coffee.¬†

The Oomph. 

The oomph is a great coffee maker, it works along similar lines to Aeropress in that you apply manual pressure, but it’s different to Aeropress, for a start given that it is a coffee brewer and travel cup in one.¬†

I was initially interested in the Oomph based on it being a way to drink coffee similar to Aeropress on the go, but what amazed me about the Oomph, is the taste!

It makes an outstanding cup of coffee! As I wrote in my Oomph coffee maker review, the Oomph is my favourite brewer now for most of my coffees during the day in the week. I still use Aeropress from time to time, but more often than not I’ll use the Oomph, as I love the taste of the coffee it makes, and it keeps my coffee warm for ages.

V60 Coffee Maker.V60 coffee maker, from £4.98

Hario V60.

The V60 is a pourover drip filter coffee maker, it makes stunning filter coffee, and it’s mega inexpensive from under a fiver, and then around ¬£5-6 for a hundred filters. You simply plop in the ground coffee, and then pour over (the process is known as pour-over) the water, until you have a cup of lovely clean (due to the paper filters) cup of filter coffee.

There’s a similar coffee maker which is also very popular, called the Kalita Wave, this has a different design, with a flat bottom, but it’s still a manual pour over filter coffee maker. I’m focusing more on the V60 as they’re better value for money, generally speaking.¬†

There’s also Chemex, which is another great pourover filter coffee maker – which doubles as a coffee jug. Chemex has been around for a long time, and makes great coffee, but again – I’m featuring the Hario V60 in this post as I think it’s so good when it comes to value for money, and makes for a great inexpensive coffee gift idea father’s day.

Travel Cups/Mugs.

With the looming take-away cups tax along the lines of the 5p plastic bag charge, buying dad a travel cup is a nice idea, if he doesn’t have one, or if he doesn’t have a decent one.

You see, there are travel cups, and then there are travel cups… Yes you can get very cheap travel cups from supermarkets which may seem like a bargain, but there are also really well performing and stylish travel cups such as keepcup and Bodum¬†travel cups/mugs, which will keep dad’s brew hot for longer, and will perform better when it comes to not leaking, and not burning his fingers.¬†

There’s also a really novel shaped travel mug called Goat Story, which is shaped like a Goat’s horn! ;-). I’ve got one of these, they sent me one a while ago to review, and despite the unusual look, it’s actually a brilliant travel mug, stays hot & is completely leak proof.

If your dad is the kind of bloke who wouldn’t want to stand out, then don’t get him this… however if he’s the kind of Dad who likes to be different, and you think he won’t be embarrassed drinking coffee from a Goat horn in public, then the Goat Story mug is a great idea for dad.¬†

My wife uses her Bodum travel mug for her cup of tea when she goes to work in the morning, and she’s always amazed to find her brew is still hot hours later. She has this one.¬†

Personalised Mugs.

These are always a nice idea for any occasion,¬† and generally speaking, if you go for a ready-made slogan type mug, like the one on the left, you’ll pay six or seven quid or so, which makes them an inexpensive gift idea.

If you want to spend a little bit more though, and show that you’ve put a bit more thought into it, you can have your own text and/image printed onto a mug for dad, which I think is great. I still have a mug like this with a photo of my kids on when they were toddlers, I’ve had that mug for probably 10 years now.¬†

Is there a photo of the kids or grandkids that you could have printed onto a mug that would make him smile? Or maybe Dad/Grandad has a nickname or a special saying, or something else that you could have printed onto a coffee mug which would make this a particularly meaningful gift?

You can get mugs like this on Amazon, there are also websites such as Photoimageart¬†and Photobox¬†who produce personalised mugs, personalised travel mugs, personalised tea towels, cushions, canvas prints, aprons & all sorts, which I think make for great alternative Father’s day gifts to “off the shelf” gifts.¬†

So there we go,¬†lots of Father’s day coffee gift ideas for coffee loving Dad’s this year :-).If you were to ask me what I would prefer from the above, as a Dad who loves coffee, then definitely it would be the coffee subscription – although I probably have enough for now ;-).

Don’t forget, if you decide to go for the Blue Coffe Box subscription offer, the¬†website is¬†, and the code for the box is¬†CB719¬†or for the bag discount, use the code¬†CB713.

Life is like a box of chocolates, so follow me on Twitter, and that’s all I have to say about that.



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