Hilary Clinton Drinks Coffee.
OK, that is actually a half truth; Hillary Clinton drinks coffee, as she can be seen doing here at Octane Coffee in Grant Park, Atlanta, the beatboxing bit I made up. I was bored. I’m not actually sure if that is Hillary Clinton or a wax model, she looks frozen, must be a decent coffee! By the way, if I was American […]

Hillary Clinton Drinks Coffee, Then Starts Beatboxing!!

If you follow me on twitter, you will probably have seen my morning tweets where I post a picture of my morning flat white, with my latest latte art attempt. I only do this by the way when the attempt was at least slightly passable for latte art, sometimes I make a complete pigs ear of it, in which case […]

INSTANT Freshly Brewed Coffee Via Aeropress!

Fig and Sparrow Manchester.
It’s a sunny Saturday morning in Manchester, and I’m sat in Fig & Sparrow waiting for my Cortado, which I’ve just ordered. I nearly did a live review of this coffee shop a while back, but I couldn’t get a seat as it was packed, and I can see now that if you don’t want to queue for a seat […]

Fig & Sparrow Manchester. LIVE Coffee Shop Review.

This is a guest post by Rudy Caretti, founder of Gimoka Coffee UK. Full author info at the bottom of the page.  There is no doubt coffee is among the widely consumed beverages around the world. With about 2 billion cups sold each day, coffee has clearly carved its own place in the lives of many. Whereas some take it every morning […]

Cultural Significance Of Coffee Around The World

Someone recently asked the question “what is a Barista?”, and initially it surprised me to think that people wouldn’t know this, but then I reminded myself that not everyone is as obsessed with coffee as I am ;-), and that while anyone involved in the world of coffee will of course know what a Barista is, some people won’t be familiar with […]

What is a Barista?

Single Origin Coffee Chart 2
This is a guest post and cool coffee infographic from Adams & Russell Coffee Roasters. Have you ever found it a struggle to easily compare single origin coffee beans when looking for those that meet your palette? Well that’s where this post comes in. Adams & Russell have created an informative visual, known as an infographic, to help you compare the most […]

Coffee Infographic: Comparing Your Single Origin Beans

This is a guest post, from food and travel photographer Will Hedley, inthesoup.co.uk, (@FlySoup_ on Twitter and Instagram), sharing some of his coffee experiences from his recent journey down the side streets of Hanoi’s old quarter. The streets of Hanoi Travelling the length and breadth of Vietnam gave me the opportunity to sample coffees of the country – the second largest producer of coffee […]

Coffees of Vietnam: as much about culture as it is ...

flat white ezra and gil
So I’m sat right now in Ezra & Gil “Coffee and Provisions” in the Northern Quarter in Manchester, doing a live independent coffee shop review. I’ve not had chance to come in here since it opened last year, and I kind of just ended up at the open doors, and given that I could eat a horse (not literally, I’m pescatarian, […]

Ezra & Gil Manchester. LIVE coffee shop review.

Jackhammer Coffee
Quick disclaimer first, this is an honest review of Jackhammer coffee, it is not a paid review and I have no links to the company whatsoever, they simply asked me if I’d like to try their coffee, and sent me a bag – I tried it, and this is what I thought of it. I Recently had an email from Jackhammer […]

Jackhammer Coffee Review.

Not Loving Vegetarian Options at Mcdonalds.
For a fast food restaurant, Mcdonalds really impress me when it comes to their coffee. Obviously I wouldn’t say it’s on parr with coffee you would get from a good indi coffee shop, and you wouldn’t expect it to be, but it’s freshly brewed using bean to cup machines, and it’s great in my opinion given the convenience and the price. They […]

McDonalds, Your Coffee isn’t Bad, Your Veggie Options are ...

What’s Bean Happening. Weekly Coffee News. 5th August 2016. Coffee news that got my attention this week: Would you like any pastries with your coffee, Oral? Founder of a new ‘Fellatio Café in Geneva, which is set to open in Dec 2016, has his sights on London as his next fellatio Café location. We’ve seen coffee shops with controversial names in the […]

Oral with your Coffee – Coffee Makes you Fat? – ...

Green party leader Natalie Bennett recently asked for a Latte in her reusable coffee cup during a Great Western Railway train journey from Truro to Plymouth. I think it is safe to assume that the person serving her didn’t realise that it was the leader of the green party that he was trying to force to take a disposable coffee cup! He apparently […]

Let’s Bin Disposable Coffee Cups…

Menkeskesha. 1
I received an email recently from a coffee roasting firm called Boun Beans, asking me if I’d like to try their freshly roasted coffee beans, to which I replied something along the lines of… daft question ;-), of course I would. Now of course I’m not going to turn down the chance to try any coffee, I love the stuff. […]

Boun Beans, Seriously Good Freshly Roasted Coffee

  Flat white is a coffee which is soaring in popularity. I used to feel I was part of some special elite group when ordering flat white at a coffee shop ;-), not any more, since every other person I hear ordering coffee at the moment seems to be ordering flat white, what’s going on?! I have heard a few […]

The Difference Between Flat White and Latte or Cappuccino.

I actually really like Nespresso machines, and I like the concept of Nespresso. George Clooney, I can take or leave, coffee – I prefer to take, and I’ve tasted some very nice Nespresso coffee, but what initially put me off a Nespresso machine was the thought of being tied into only having the coffee that they put in their pods. […]

Freshly Brewed Speciality Coffee Via Nespresso Machines?

Filter Coffee.
Filter Coffee vs Espresso     The coffee vs series are short posts designed to help people clarify the difference between anything coffee related. In this short post we’re looking at the difference between filter coffee vs. espresso. You probably already know the difference, but for those who don’t (and if you don’t you’re not alone) this post is for you. Drip […]

Filter Coffee Vs. Espresso – What’s The Difference Between Them?

In my last vs. coffee post I covered the difference between espresso and drip filter, and in that post I mentioned drip filter and cafetiere / french press pot coffee not being the same. Some people think of cafetiere coffee being the same as filter coffee, but it’s different in many ways, so I wanted to write this post just […]

Difference Between Filter Coffee and Cafetiere Coffee

Aeropress vs cafetiere - FIGHT!
I love cafetiere coffee, I love Aeropress coffee, Espresso, pourover – there’s a recurring theme here… I love coffee! But there’s something I’ve become aware of lately, and that is the impression that some people have that the Aeropress is a form or style of cafetiere / French press, rather than a coffee maker in its own right. This is […]

Aeropress Vs. Cafetiere / French Press.

Can't go fishing without a flask of coffee. 1
I’ve loved coffee for as long as I can remember and then some. I recently tried to pinpoint where my love of coffee first started, and although my memory doesn’t go far enough back to when I first tasted it, I think I know where my love of coffee probably developed. I was really into fishing as a kid, it was […]

Coffee Brewing Methods – Expand Your Coffee Vision.

Aeropress Camping.
The Aeropress is one of the best things since sliced bread, definitely one of the best coffee makers ever invented; but, does it actually make true espresso, and can you get it to produce crema? I’m writing this post because when first bought mine, this was one of the questions I had. I’d seen some people saying that you can […]

Does Aeropress Make True Espresso with Crema?

Coffee Rust.
Global warming, climate change, bla bla yawn… I know, we’re all sick of hearing about it, and my automatic thought response to anything I read about this subject is usually something along the lines of “we have no control over it anyway”, or “how can getting warmer be a bad thing, especially in cold South Manchester?”, but then I read […]

Climate Change & Coffee…

Coffee Grinder.
So I was in need of a coffee grinder, and I was amazed at what a difficult decision it is to decide which one I should get. I was also amazed by how much money I found I was going to have to invest, just on something with a motor and a couple of chunks of metal to grind coffee beans. It would appear that […]

Coffee Grinder – Which one??

Sage Smart Grinder Pro Unboxing 3
In my recent post coffee grinder, which one?? I shared my decision-making process with regard which grinder to go for, having spent quite some time sifting through the available options and narrowing it down. I knew that I wanted an affordable grinder, I wasn’t going to be investing several hundred pounds on a grinder, but I wanted something that was […]

Sage Smart Grinder Pro Review

Decadent Decaf. 4
    A few weeks ago I received a tweet from @DecadentDecaf asking me if I’d like to try their speciality decaf coffee, and after reading some reviews calling this the best decaf coffee in the UK, obviously I replied yes please, and they very kindly sent me four bags of freshly roasted coffee beans to sample: Ethiopia Sidamo, Signature Espresso Blend, Indonesia […]

Is This The Best decaf coffee in the UK? Decaf ...

Prosumer Espresso Machines.
In my recent Gaggia Classic review, and in my Sage Oracle Review refer to prosumer machines, and I realise that some people won’t be familiar with the term, as I wasn’t fairly recently, so I thought I’d try to explain the difference. Commercial espresso machines cost a lot of money, are made with much higher quality components, are much better made […]

Prosumer Espresso Machines Vs Consumer Espresso Machines.

Sage By Heston Blumenthall The Oracle, Sitting in my Kitchen! 6
I spent a week with the Sage by Heston Blumenthal espresso machine “The Oracle“, I didn’t spend a week with Heston Blumenthal himself… although I can imagine that would be equally interesting! A while ago I wrote a post called The Espresso Machines I Might Buy When I Win The Lottery. In that post, the first machine I mentioned was the […]

Sage Oracle Review. My Week With Sage By Heston Blumenthal ...

Pact Coffee, Fazenda Chapada
These are the current freshly roasted coffees on offer from pact – at the time of writing. Please note, if you’ve come here from a Google search looking for the £1 offer, it’s expired I’m afraid, but I’ve spoken to Pact and they’ve offered a new code especially for coffeeblog readers! Previously Pact had an introductory offer which gave new […]

Pact Coffee Voucher Code Just For You. Plus Reviews of ...

question coffee.
  If you pop into your local supermarket and pick up a bag (or tin) of coffee beans or pre-ground coffee, you’re probably accustomed to spending around £3 – £5 for a 250g bag. If you hop onto the website of a coffee roaster, or call in at a local roastery if you’re lucky enough to have one locally, you’ll […]

Freshly Roasted Speciality Coffee Beans Vs. Supermarket Coffee.

I came into Manchester again today to review Grindsmith and Fig & Sparrow. Had a very enjoyable flat white at Grindsmith. I couldn’t get anywhere near Fig & Sparrow, it was packed! I had a look around inside, then came here to Takk on Tibb street. I was hoping I’d end up in here to be honest, as I really […]

Another Live Review of Takk, Northern Quarter Manchester.

Fig & Sparrow is a well-known coffee shop on Oldham street in Manchester, which is also a shop. I can tell you what the shop is like, what it looks like, and what the coffee smells like, but that’s about it so far; I couldn’t get a seat, it was packed! This is a popular Manchester coffee shop, which I can […]

Fig & Sparrow Manchester. Nearly a Live Coffee Shop Review.

Grindsmith Manchester.
So this is another live independent coffee shop review. I’ve just got to Grindsmith on Deansgate Manchester. I’m sat in the window looking across at the Church of Scientology, I’ll try to resist going in and converting, but the urge is strong… 😉 That gives you a clue by the way if you struggle to find it, as I did at […]

Grindsmith Deansgate Manchester. LIVE coffee shop review

Milk Alternatives for Coffee
  This is a guest post by Doppio Coffee  Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day, but at the same time approximately 65 percent of the human population has a reduced ability to digest lactose after infancy. There are many alternatives to regular dairy milk in coffee, and this is great news for vegans, […]

A Guide to Milk Alternatives for Coffee, by Doppio Coffee

Latte Art Without a Steam Wand
I was spoiled for a week with the Sage Oracle espresso machine, which features not just a steam wand, but auto milk texturing. My first attempts at latte art was with this amazing machine, so all I had to try to do was to pour it properly, at which I failed miserably and proved that Baristas make it look a […]

Pouring Latte Art Without a Steam Wand – Getting There…

OK this may be slightly off topic, but I’m drinking coffee while I type, surely that counts? 😉 So yes, the UK has voted to leave the EU, and it has divided the country in terms of those who are elated, and those who are gutted. I voted to remain, mainly because I think things are better the way they […]

Why Teenagers Should be Furious About Brexit…

Costa Coffee Locations.
  I have a costa near me, literally within a few hundred metres of where I live! Most of us in the UK have a local Costa, but if you’re travelling or just happen to be in an city or town you’re not familiar with, you may be wondering where the nearest one is, which is why I have created […]

Costa Near Me – Costa Coffee Locations

Flat White in Cafe' Nero.
To the uninitiated, it may appear that there is little difference between an independent, artisan “third wave” coffee shop and a large chain coffee shop such as Starbucks, Costa or Nero. The truth is, there is a lot of difference, and my experience earlier this week is the perfect example of this, so I just wanted to quickly share this as […]

Difference Between Chain Cafes & Artisan Coffee Shops

costa rainbow coffee.
Back in May I blogged about Mason Salisbury bringing a new twist to Latte art, with rainbow coffee – adding food dye to steamed milk prior to pouring latte art. In the same post I mentioned Costa coffee and their new artisan coffee shop plans. Following this I was contacted by one of the friendly PR folk at Costa, telling me […]

Costa Coffee Create Coffee to Dye For – Rainbow Coffee ...

This post isn’t coffee related, although as always – I’m drinking coffee as I write it though, as always, so that counts ;-). Like most blokes (and many girls I’d imagine) my age, I grew up with a skateboard attached to my feet, Skateboarding was huge in the 80s of course. My first board was a small yellow fibreglass board, which looked […]

Sod it, I’m getting a skateboard…

Takk Manchester. 1
At the weekend I was doing some live coffee shop reviews, inspired by Takk – which is a business which aims (and succeeds) to be more than just a place for people to come and have a drink, but to be a creative space. You can’t help but notice whenever you go to a coffee shop, that there are people […]

Freelancers / Entrepreneurs Choosing Coffice Vs. Office.

north tea power manchester front
So this is my second ever live coffee shop review – two on the same day! I’ve just left Takk on Tariff street, and walked 5 minutes to North Tea Power on Tibb street, another coffee shop I’ve heard  a lot about but haven’t managed to visit until now. The atmosphere is noticeably different here from Takk, it’s louder, smaller […]

North Tea Power Manchester. LIVE coffee shop review.

Judge double walled glass latte coffee cup.
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’d been looking for cappuccino cups, and I’d bought a judge red cappuccino cup and saucer which I was really pleased with. I’ve been practising latte art, and I needed wide but short cappuccino style cups to practice, and I found this judge cup to be perfect, the perfect size too for flat white […]

Funky Double Wall Glass Latte Mugs Review.

Review of Takk Manchester.
Takk is a cafe and creative space, on Tariff street in the Northern Quarter, Manchester. Follow them on twitter @takkmcr, view their Facebook page, Trip Advisor page, and their website. My Review: This review is slightly different to the other coffee shop reviews I’ve written in the past, as I’m actually sat in the cafe writing the review here and now – […]

Takk Northern Quarter Manchester. LIVE coffee shop review.

  I’ve been trying for a while now to pour latte art, just for fun. I’ve not got very far with it, I think mainly because I’m not using a steam wand, I’m trying to use a spinning frother (I’m using the Le Xpress frother, which seems almost identical to the ones I’ve had from Ikea in the past) I’ve seen […]

Check Out My New Judge Red Cappuccino Cups – Review

This isn’t coffee related, except the fact that I probably enjoyed a few dozen coffees while trying to rectify the issue that trying to upgrade to windows 10 caused me… So a few weeks ago, I was wondering (probably while drinking coffee, so it’s not completely off topic) about upgrading from windows 7 business pro, to windows 10. My machine was only […]

Should I Upgrade to Windows 10? Noooooo!! Here’s Why…

Pot Kettle Black Manchester.
    Pot Kettle Black is a specialty coffee shop in Manchester. Located just off Deansgate in the picturesque Victorian shopping arcade Barton Arcade, M3 2BW. View their Facebook page, Trip Advisor page, and their website. Set up just over a year ago by two pro rugby league players with a love of coffee, Pot Kettle Black is an independent coffee shop for […]

Pot Kettle Black Manchester – Coffee Shop Reviews.

My Gaggia Classic.
This is my user review of the Gaggia Classic espresso machine, a very well priced, tried and tested espresso machine. This is a user review written over the period of about 18 months, while using this Espresso machine at home. I wrote the review when I first started using the machine, and then continually updated it over time. The Gaggia […]

Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine Review

Gaggia Classic. 3
In this post I’m going to be reviewing what I believe to be the best cheap semi-automatic espresso machines in the UK in 2018. So these Espresso machines are known as semi-automatic Espresso machines. They have a filter holder also known as a portafilter, you put ground coffee beans into the portafilter, tamp (apply pressure with a tamper), place the portafilter […]

Best Cheap Espresso Machines 2018 UK

This is something I think many of us coffee lovers wonder about, first of all is coffee good or bad for you? Many of us have been trained in the past to think that coffee, or at least too much coffee isn’t good for us, now everywhere we look we read reports that coffee is actually very good, so is […]

How Many Cups of Coffee a Day is Actually Good ...

Costa Coffee Locations.
  This list of Costa drive thru locations is updated regularly, nearly every day in fact, as new drive through stores open. Last updated: Weds 7th of Sep, 2016.  Coffee giant Costa Coffee have outlets all over the UK, it seems they’re almost as prolific in the UK as McDonalds! As well as the high street, they have retail park outlets, concessions in various different retailers, […]

List of UK Drive Thru Costa Coffee Shop Locations.

Cold Brew Coffee.
  OK so as the title suggests, this post is about cold brewed coffee. If you’re wanting to know how to make iced coffee at home, or if you’re wondering about the process of making cold brew coffee, then you may find this of interest. For me personally, the only iced coffee I’ve had previously is homemade frappe which I’ve done […]

Cold Brewed Coffee – Are You Serious, You Want me ...

Kenesis Advantage 2
OK this post might be a bit off topic, as it’s not specifically about coffee, but it is about the keyboard I use for writing my coffee blog posts (and everything else), so it’s kind of related… I wanted to blog about this as it’s something I really, REALLY like, it’s one item I own that I would be really […]

Kenesis Advantage Review – My Coffee Blogging Keyboard.

Le Xpress Milk Frother
  This Le ‘Xpress milk frother review leads from my last post about pouring latte art without a steam wand. I’d been trying other methods of frothing milk as I don’t currently have an espresso machine with a steam wand; the method of foaming milk in a cafetiere is a really cool little hack, but it doesn’t create the right […]

Le ‘Xpress Under a Fiver Milk Frother Review. The Device ...

instant coffee.
  I’m sure I’m not alone in enjoying coffee after a meal, and usually I’ll go for an espresso. To me it’s part of the meal, and as I (obviously) love coffee, it’s something I look forward to at the end of a meal. So when I go to a nice restaurant, and I’m really impressed with the food, and […]

Why Are Some Quality Restaurants Serving Instant Coffee?!

Pulling an Espresso Shot.
If you’re wondering what is the difference between espresso and coffee such as drip filter and cafetiere, this short post should help. I’m writing this because I’ve had a few conversations with people who thought that espresso just related to the size of the cup and / or strength of the coffee, and I do seem to recall that I […]

The Difference Between Filter Coffee and Espresso

Aeropress coffee maker. 3
A few weeks ago I wrote my Aeropress Review, after a day or so of use. Now that I’ve been using it for nearly a month, I thought I’d expand on the review and share some tips for anyone who’s about to get one of these brilliant coffee makers. By the way, there are two options available, but the Aeropress […]

Aeropress Review Part 2 – What I think After a ...

Starbucks Iced Coffee.
What’s bean happening is a new weekly coffeeblog feature, briefly rounding up the weeks coffee related news. Whitbread Enters Third Wave Costa owners Whitbread have announced that they’re aiming to enter the Artisan coffee scene with their first speciality coffee shop planned for opening in Covent Garden by July. They haven’t announced their brand name yet, “Costa Slightly More” perhaps? Ha! Alison Brittain chief […]

What’s Bean Happening. Weekly Coffee News. 6th May 2016.

Circadian Rhythm. 1
In my recent post Coffee Hacks, I mentioned a report from a scientist on the importance of timing our coffee consumption in order to get the maximum buzz from our coffee, and even more importantly than that, to ensure that we don’t develop a tolerance to caffeine. In this post I wanted to delve deeper into this idea, as I find […]

Get into Circadian Rhythm to Get The Best Coffee Buzz. ...

Froth or Foam Milk Without a Steam Wand. 1
In this post I wanted to cover some great coffee-making hacks I’ve come across recently, and I’ll update this post as I come across more. Coffee Hack no.1 – No Need for Steam! For a week, I was using the brilliant Sage Oracle espresso machine, which comes with a steam wand and an auto milk texturing function, so I got used to […]

Coffee Hacks – Awesome Coffee Trickery, No Need For Steam, ...

Aeropress Coffee Maker. 4
In various previos posts I’ve mentioned Aeropress, and I’ve threatened to create an Aeropress review – well here goes :-). It is pure genius! You need one, right now. That’s it, review done, goodbye… OK I’m joking, I can’t really leave it there, but if you’re just wanting to know whether I rate it highly or not then the answer is […]

Aeropress Review. Does The Aerobie Coffee Maker Brew Coffee as ...

Big Issue Supporting Change Please Coffee Carts.
  The title of this post may seem a bit on the harsh side, but it’s my honest opinion at this present moment. I don’t want to buy a big issue, as I don’t want to read it. I bought it a couple of times a few years ago, and I wasn’t impressed. I saw it as a token product that […]

No I don’t Want a Sodding Big Issue… I’ll Have ...

The Rok Espresso Maker. 2
In this post I wanted to explore some really cool looking coffee makers and accessories, for people like me who love coffee and stuff that looks cool. The Rok Looks like a bottle opener, is in fact an espresso maker! I took notice of this strange looking machine thanks to some reviews online including a video from Todd Carmichael of La […]

Cool Looking Coffee Making Stuff, For Cool People Who Love ...

Drinking Coffee Makes You Immortal, And Sexy? 1
Well not quite, but this scientific study by the Harvard School of Public Health revealed the following: Higher consumption of total coffee, caffeinated coffee, and decaffeinated coffee was associated with lower risk of total mortality. Specifically, those who drank between one to five cups of coffee per day were shown as having lower mortality rate. Thus my slight feeling of guilt […]

Scientific Study Proves Coffee Makes You Immortal?

Jorgie Porter With an Imaginary Espresso Macchiato.
  The Sunday after the last ever Downton Abbey (until the Christmas special of course), and we have something else to watch, I’m A Celebrity – Yay. But what’s it all about? Yeah it’s about celebs bickering, eating disgusting things and making fools out of themselves (similar to Eastenders really?) but dig a little deeper and I believe that the entire format […]

I’m A Celeb – A TV Show Dedicated to Illustrating ...

Hackney Coffee Co.
Hackney Coffee Co is a is a speciality coffee shop on Hackney Road in London (499 Hackney Road, London, E2 93D), about 5 minutes walk from Bethnal Green tube station. It’s a characterful coffee shop, with its custom bowler hat lamp shades & cozy reading spaces with well stocked bookcases, but this is a coffee shop that are serious about their coffee. They serve espresso and espresso […]

Coffee Shop Reviews. Hackney Coffee Co, London.

Broadening Your Horizens With Different Coffees.
Are you predictable in your choice of coffee? If you walk into your favourite coffee shop, does the Barista know what you’re going to order as soon as they see you? I know people like this, and I used to be like this myself until I purposely broadened my horizons by trying a different kind of coffee each time, and […]

Broadening Your Horizons With Different Coffee Drinks.

Coffee and the amygdala. 1
A week or so ago I wrote my first review of Pact Coffee, a UK based speciality coffee company who roast coffee and send to their customers not long after. In this review I mentioned how the aroma of the coffee surprised me, and I assume that this is to do with how freshly roasted it was. Well since then I’ve […]

A Surprising Physiological Reaction to The Odour of Coffee.

Dumbledore from Harry Potter. I reckon there's coffee in that cup.
In previous posts I’ve alluded to the fact that I haven’t previously had a particularly high regard for decaf, in fact it’s fair to say that I see decaffeinated coffee as a similar substance to non-alcoholic lager and wine. I was a TV extra for a few years, on Hollyoaks and coronation street amongst others (I did shameless once, that was […]

What is This Sorcery?? Decaffeinated Coffee…Tastes Like Coffee!

Swedish Egg Coffee...WTF?
One of the things I want to explore when it comes to coffee, is all the weird and wonderful variations of coffee that are enjoyed all over the world. I love Gaelic or Irish coffee; I’ve tried Turkish coffee or “Middle Eastern Coffee” and loved it, Iced Frappé is a drink I’ve had in Greece and I’ve also made myself […]

Coffee Made With Egg – Swedish Egg Coffee, Really??

Why I freeze used coffee grounds. 2
  There has been a bit of a debate recently about whether or not putting coffee in the fridge or freezer is a bad thing. Pact Coffee say that lowering the temp of coffee by freezing it refrigerating, causes moisture to build up which is a bad thing for the coffee. Aussie coffee tasting guru Fred Lullfitz has a different opinion, […]

Why The Heck Do I Put Used Coffee Grounds In ...

Pact Coffee Review.
A week or so ago I wrote this review of Pact Coffee, which was a review of the great service that I received from Pact Coffee, and also their coffee. The first coffee I had from them was their “Planalto, Malt Milk Chocolate Shake” coffee, which I was very, very impressed with. You can either select your own coffee each time […]

My second Pact Coffee – Finca La Joyeria “Poached Pear ...

The Espresso Machines I Might Buy When I Win The Lottery.
I’ve been looking for espresso machines for a while, and while realistically the best machines within my budget are the likes of the Jack Stonehouse, Andrew James, Morphy Richards Accents or De’Longhi EC330S which look like great reasonably priced espresso machines, there are some machines at the other end of the price range that I would love to splash out on if I won a […]

The Espresso Machines I Might Buy When I Win The ...

vintage tea rooms Buxton
Vintage tea rooms is a cafe in the centre of Buxton, adjoining an interiors shop called Everythings Rosy Interiors, on Hardwick Street just off Spring Gardens (just around the corner from Costa and Nero). If you’re parked near the Pavilion gardens, just cross at the lights and keep walking onto Spring Gardens, the main pedestrianised street in Buxton, and take the first right […]

Coffee Shop Reviews. Vintage Tea Rooms, Buxton.

Noasis Urmston Manchester.
  Noesis is a specialty coffee (and Tea) shop, situated on Higher Road, Urmston, Greater Manchester, just a couple of minutes walk from Urmston train station. Check out their Website,  Facebook Page, and their Trip Advisor page My Review: Coming Soon! I’ve heard about this great little coffee shop situated close to Urmston train station, apparently the owner/barista is not just […]

Coffee Shop Reviews. Noesis, Urmston, Manchester.

Tip your barista.
I’m keen on all coffee shops, and in particular on independent coffee shops, and of course the most important thing in the coffee shop are the Baristas. They’re the ones responsible for making and serving you your lovely coffee. I think some people underestimate the role of the Barista, and think that it’s a job anyone can walk off the street […]

Coffee Lovers – Why Should You Tip Your Barista?

Hario V60 Coffee Maker. 6
The V60 coffee maker is one of the most popular pour over dripper options, and I’m not surprised as they’re so good, and so inexpensive! I would call it a cheap coffee maker, but this makes it sound like it’s a poor quality coffee maker which it certainly isn’t, it’s up among the very best in terms of popularity, and in terms […]

Hario V60 Coffee Maker Review

Surfcafe Funsport Rhosneigr
    The Surf Cafe is situated above Funsport in Rhosneigr, Anglesey, North Wales. A perfect place to stay warm and dry for a while while enjoying a nice coffee, or a place to go grab some lunch. Check out their Facebook Page, and their Trip Advisor page. My Review:  I visited this coffee shop recently when in Rhosneigr with the […]

Coffee Shop Reviews. Fun Sport Cafe Rhosneigr, Anglesey.

Coffee Brewing Eqipment. 3
In this post I wanted to discuss the different coffee brewing equipment and methods. One of the things I love about coffee is the variety, not just in terms of all the different coffees available, but also that the taste of coffee differs depending on the method chosen to brew it. I can decide to use my  stainless steel cafetière or […]

Coffee Brewing Techniques. How Do You Brew?

The Sorting Office. Independent Coffee Shop Cornwall.
The Sorting Office is a great little coffee shop in the gorgeous Cornish seaside village of Saint Agnes. It looks very cozy from the outside, but like the Tardis it’s somehow bigger on the inside… It was actually the local post office, which has now moved just down the road. Address: Churchtown, St Agnes, Cornwall, TR5 0TE. Check our their Facebook […]

Coffee Shop Reviews. The Sorting Office, St Agnes, Cornwall.

Independent Coffee Shop Reviews. 2
One of the things I’d like to do with this blog, is to showcase independent coffee shops all over the UK. This is something you can help with, by reviewing any independent coffee shops / coffee houses / cafes you know of or have recently visited. To do this just use the form below to submit your review, and I will […]

Independent UK Coffee Shops – Submit Your Reviews.

When Drinking Coffee Might Be Bad For You.
  I love coffee as you have no doubt gathered, and you probably do also or why you be reading a blog about coffee? But is coffee good for you, and should you drink it? My personal opinion on coffee is that like everything else, all good things in moderation; in particular with coffee though, I believe it’s not only a […]

When Drinking Coffee Might Actually Be Bad For Your Health!

Coffee Machines - Real Coffee Beans or Instant Coffee? 2
In the UK there has been a huge growth in the popularity of automatic coffee pod machines over the past few years, with the leading brands being Nespresso, Tassimo, Nescafé Dolce Gusto & Douwe Egberts Senseo (see my coffee pod machine comparisons post). But do Nespresso machines and other pod machines produce REAL coffee?  I’ve seen a few rants online with […]

Nespresso Machines – Real Coffee or Instant?

Welcome to coffeeblog.
Welcome to Coffee Blog, which is a blog, about coffee… 😉   A couple of years back, my life-long (or for long as I can remember anyway) love of coffee began to turn into a passion/obsession, and I decided to create coffee blog in order to share what I was discovering about coffee beans, coffee roasting, coffee brewing, coffee makers […]

Welcome to Coffeeblog.co.uk – The Coffee Lovers Blog!

Andrew James Stainless Steel Cafetiere Review. 2
This is an honest customer review of the Andrew James stainless steel cafetiere I got this for my birthday last Friday, and this was what actually inspired me to start this blog, believe it or not. I was about to go and review it on Amazon, but also I was planning on starting a new blog and was debating with myself […]

Andrew James Twin Walled Steel Cafetiere – Review