My second Pact Coffee – Finca La Joyeria “Poached Pear and Dark Chocolate” Coffee, Review.

Pact Coffee Review.

A week or so ago I wrote this review of Pact Coffee, which was a review of the great service that I received from Pact Coffee, and also their coffee. The first coffee I had from them was their “Planalto, Malt Milk Chocolate Shake” coffee, which I was very, very impressed with. You can either select your own coffee each time from the Pact website, or you can allow them to suggest coffee for you, I set it to let them choose for me, and the next one they chose for me was Finca La Joyeria which is described as “Poached Pear and Dark Chocolate”, it came today and I’ve just made my first coffee with it.

First of all just to say that I’m still amazed by the service offered by Pact; everything from the ease of use of their website, the great way the customer support staff communicate with their customers, and the fact that they dispatched once again exactly when they said they would, reminded me they were going to, told me when it had left the building and then delivered exactly as promised – all round the best service I’ve ever received from any company. I’m not just talking coffee here, I mean in general. I don’t ever recall buying anything from any company and being as impressed overall from the whole experience from start to finish as I am with this company!

Since my last coffee I decided to push forward slightly the delivery of my next coffee to see how that works, and it worked brilliantly, just took me a couple of seconds to choose a different day to order & dispatch, and I all I have to do is select a date, they do the rest.

Pact say that they do this to make sure that people don’t end up running out of coffee or being overloaded with coffee, personally, I have no problem whatsoever with being overloaded with coffee, given that each one is different from the last, bring it on! ;-). The reason that I think being able to push the purchase and dispatch date ahead is such a good one, is for financial reasons. Like most of us I have times when we’re strapped for cash and I need to watch what I’m spending for a few days to make sure we don’t go into the overdraft, so it’s great for me that if the money is going faster than the month, I can login and push my next purchase date to after I get paid. Yes I know it’s only £6 or so, but having been bloody terrible with money in the past, I’m trying to be a more responsible adult when it comes to budgeting these days, and I know from experience what happens when I’m too relaxed about little purchases, they all add up.

So once again the coffee came in their envelope with a message telling me that it’s a better smelling package than boring old bills, I like that ;-), and I was eager to get it opened. On opening the envelope and taking out the pouch of coffee, I remembered the smell and the feeling that came over me last time I opened the pouch of freshly ground coffee from Pact, and I was curious to see if the same would be the case this time – so I grabbed the scissors, opened the pouch and inhaled the amazing aroma – and drifted off to a faraway land where there was sunshine and all was good, before coming back to reality in rainy South Manchester on my lunch break… This a real phenomenon by the way that I experience when I smell the aroma of this freshly roasted coffee (although I’m of course talking metaphorically, I didn’t actually teleport), and I’ve experimented with not so freshly roasted coffee bought from a supermarket, and it didn’t happen. I have a theory about what causes this, but I’m going to write about it in a different post.

So I made the coffee, drank it (black, I don’t want to spoil it with milk), and wow – as I said with the last coffee I received from Pact “That’s bloody good coffee!!” But, it’s completely different to the last one! The taste of this coffee is unlike any coffee I’ve ever tasted, it does actually taste of poached pears and have a finish of bitter-sweet dark chocolate as Will the Pact Coffee expert describes:  “This coffee has a really fruity sweetness and crisp apple-like acidity. Couple that with the juicy mouth feel and poached pear flavours, and you’ve got a seriously fruity coffee. It finished up with bittersweet dark chocolate flavours, which linger on the finish like a dark chocolate sauce.”

That is actually how it tastes, and I wasn’t expecting that at all. Usually when connoisseurs with amazingly developed pallets describe the taste of something like wine for example, and a mere mortal like me tastes it, it just doesn’t taste the way the expert describes. I’ve tasted red wine in the past that has supposed to have “notes of dark chocolate”, only to protest something along the lines of “Bollox, it just tastes like red wine…”, but this coffee does actually have a fruity sweetness that reminds me of poached pears, and it does give an aftertaste of bittersweet dark chocolate, which I find very, very enjoyable. I like pears, we have a couple of pear trees; I like dark chocolate, I’ve never tried them together though, but I will do now as I know from this coffee that they taste great together!

My kids are becoming coffee lovers, they’re 12 and 13, they’ve liked coffee for a few years but usually we’d only allow them to drink decaf (which does contain caffeine but in much smaller amounts), we’re starting to allow them to drink real coffee now but only in small amounts and not too often. I’m trying to teach them to properly appreciate the flavours of coffee as I now do but certainly didn’t as a kid. In fact I probably didn’t even think about the taste of coffee until at least my mid to late 20’s, so I’m glad that my kids are way advanced than me in that department. They were nearly as excited as I was to try this new coffee, and we ran out of pact coffee the day before the next package came, so we had to use the back up coffee I picked up the other day from a supermarket, the kids weren’t impressed! 😉

So there we go, that’s what I think of my second freshly roasted coffee from Pact Coffee, and I am very much looking forward to my next one! By the way, pact are in the process of making coffee pods that will be compatible with nespresso machines, so I can’t wait for that! I don’t actually have a nespresso machine yet, I’ve been looking at them and weighing them up, but as soon as pact start selling the pods, I’ll be buying a pod machine without a doubt.