Funky Double Wall Glass Latte Mugs Review.

Latte art in judge red cappuccino cup.

Latte art I did last night in my Judge cappuccino cup – I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

Judge double walled glass latte coffee cup.I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’d been looking for cappuccino cups, and I’d bought a judge red cappuccino cup and saucer which I was really pleased with. I’ve been practising latte art, and I needed wide but short cappuccino style cups to practice, and I found this judge cup to be perfect, the perfect size too for flat white & cappuccino.

I since received a message asking me if I’d like to try out the judge double wall glass cups, to which of course I said yes please :-), and a friendly postman delivered a set of two new latte mugs not long after.

Disclosure. I received a set of two latte mugs free of charge, in order to review this product. Also, I am an Amazon UK affiliate, so please note that if you click on a link from my blog and buy a product on my recommendation, I may earn a commission from Amazon. For more info see my compensation disclosure

Glass mugs though, I wasn’t sure what I thought about that. OK I’m used to being served certain coffees in Cortado / Piccolo glasses at some coffee shops, but glass mugs with handles, is something slightly different. These aren’t the standard latte glasses either, which tend to be conical in shape – these look like fairly standard shaped mugs, until you put coffee in them – and then they look really funky.

They were very well packaged, so they got to me in one piece (well two pieces as it’s a set of two) and they look and feel really good quality.

As you can see, the double walled glass gives you quite a big gap from the outer wall to the inner wall, and gives the effect of coffee suspended in animation almost, I like it!

Judge double walled glass latte cups.Glass judge latte cup with aeropress.They’re 275 ml which is just under 10 ounces in capacity, which is perfect for your standard sized latte or Americano, cappuccino, whatever really. I might try making a latte macchiato in one of these cups actually, they’d be perfect for that – no point making a macchiato in a cup that doesn’t allow you to see the layers.

What’s nice about them is that the double wall means that although it’s a glass mug, it doesn’t feel as hot to handle as it would do if you had your coffee in a glass, as there’s a fairly sizable gap between the hot liquid and your hands.

They work for latte art too, as you can see, although this was a bit of a poor attempt I have to say!

They’re the perfect size for Aeropress by the way, and what’s really cool about that is you can see the coffee dripping through when you plunge, which isn’t the case when you’re using a standard ceramic mug or cup.

Personally, I prefer the judge red cappuccino cup, purely because I really like that shape of cup, and they’re perfect for practising latte art, but that being said, I do like the look of these mugs, I think they’re cool, and the kids like them.

They’ve lasted well too so far, I’ve had them a couple of weeks, and we tend to smash glass things in our house… Not deliberately, or in fits of rage at walls or anything like that, just clumsiness ;-).

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