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Quite often I hear about new coffee related inventions on Kickstarter and other crowd funding platforms, and I think “Nice”, wouldn’t mind trying that. The other day though, I heard about a new coffee product that’s being funded by kickstarter, that I thought “I need that NOW!” – and that is, the 2pour, a dual brew accessory for Aeropress.

Check it out:

2pour for Aeropress.

2pour is a device that is made to perfectly fit the Aeropress, and allow you to press two cups at one time. You just put in two scoops of ground coffee, pour in the water, and then top up with hot water. 


For me this is one of those amazingly obvious inventions that are only obvious once you see that someone else has come up with it. Like those little plastic things on the ends of shoelaces without which it would be almost impossible to thread laces into shoes – I wonder how much this obvious little invention netted?


I do use Aeropress at times to make two separate cups, so I do realise that it’s possible without the 2pour invention – but it’s a bit messy, and it’s not particularly stylish is it? It’s also not very precise, filling up one cup and then decanting half of it into another. I certainly don’t think it looks particularly impressive when you’re making someone a coffee, to be faffing around decanting coffee and spilling it all over the cup, as I usually do.


If you watch the video on Kickstarter, you’ll see that this is a really cool looking device, and it turns the usually messy art of making two cups at a time with Aeropress, into a sophisticated and stylish looking art. 


Well, I love it – and I’ve pledged for one for myself – and one to give away as a future competition prize.  But – this is only going to be possible if it gets the minimum number of backers. So, please, please do me a favour – if you kind of like the idea of this, will you back it, and help to make it a reality?

All you do is click “back this project” and then choose your pledge. If you pledge just a tenner, you’ll get the 2pour when it’s made, for just a tenner rather than the £16.99 that it will cost later on. There are various other pledge options, and you don’t pay now – in fact you don’t pay anything if it doesn’t get enough funding to get it off the ground. 

I really hope this project gets funded, as I for one would much prefer to be able to place my Aeropress onto a stylish looking accessory to press two cups at a time rather than the usual process of filling one cup and then pouring it all over the kitchen worktop ;-).

2 pour

Don’t have an Aeropress yet? I think everyone who loves freshly brewed coffee, should have an Aeropress in their arsenal of coffee brewing equipment. They’re not expensive, they’re so great, and so portable, that even if you don’t use Aeropress as your main brew process, you’ll find plenty of opportunity to use it.

This package on Amazon is just under £30, and it includes the Aeropress,  and the tote bag – I’d go for this without the filters if you were planning on using a re-useable filter, if you wanted to use the standard paper filters then this deal for £34 includes 350 filters. 

2 Pour have a great pledge option for an Aeropress and a 2pour though, which gives you the Aeropress and the 2pour for just £35!! 

2pour and Aeropress Bundle.


Some other great bundle deals they’re offering:


For Baristas, they’re also offering a bundle of 6 2pours for £60. 

So there you go, if you like the idea of 2pour as I do, Click here to back it & reserve your 2pour at the early bird price. You don’t pay anything now, you’ll only be charged if they get the target funding, and I really hope they do!  I have everything crossed for them, as I think this will be such a great thing to have with the Aeropress!

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