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Coffee gifts are something close to my heart, not just because I’m obviously a coffee lover, and whether it’s Christmas, Birthdays – or any other occasion, I love receiving coffee related gifts, of course – but also, because it’s a coffee related present which inspired me to create this blog! 

In October 2015, my wife and kids got me a new stainless steel cafetiere as a birthday present, and I was about to write a review on Amazon for this coffee related gift, when I was inspired to create my own blog, and to start reviewing coffee related products, coffee shops, coffee beans and so on – and coffeeblog was born. 

So whenever I talk about presents for coffee lovers, I’m reminded of the fact that this is how the blog started. 

But aside from that, I think generally speaking, adults are quite difficult to buy gifts for – and if you’re looking to buy a gift for coffee lovers, whether it’s for him, for her, for them – there are so many great ideas for gifts, suitable for any occasion, ranging from the inexpensive and affordable, through to darn right ridiculous ;-). 

Here are some ideas for you:

The Gift Coffee Subscription 

Coffee Subscriptions Directory.The gift coffee subscription has to be up there as one of the best possible gifts for coffee lovers.

Whether it’s for Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day – or even Valentine’s day, coffee subscriptions are a really special gift which keep on giving, well for as long as the length of the subscription anyway ;-). 

Subscriptions aren’t just about keeping stocked up with coffee, quite a few coffee roasters now offer discovery subscriptions, which offer to broaden the horizons of the coffee loving gift recipient, with different coffees being delivered each time, from different origins, different coffee varietals, different processes and so on. 

Many of the subscription firms offer gift subscriptions, which allow you to purchase a set number of deliveries over a set period, which don’t automatically renew – allowing you to get someone a subscription for a month, or for three months, for example, without ending up paying for their coffee for the next ten years ;-).

See my best coffee subscriptions post, and the new coffee subscriptions directory

Check out the Black Friday gift subscription offer from Blue Coffee Box, it’s just for Coffee blog readers, and it’s still valid! 

Hario V60

V60 filter coffee maker.This is a fantastic gift for anyone who loves coffee.

If they don’t have one, then you’ll be doing them a huge service by getting them one, if they already have one then they will more than likely be very happy to have a second V60, as it means they can make two coffees at a time, or leave one at work.

The V60 is a pourover coffee dripper, it’s very simple, you put a filter in, put the ground coffee in the filter, pour the water over it, and: filter coffee, in fact, the potential for fantastic coffee! I say potential for, because the user has a big part to play in that, as does the coffee and the grind size, but if you get it right or even anywhere near right with a V60 you’re in for a very enjoyable coffee. 

They’re from about a fiver, depending on which option you go for (plastic or ceramic, and a few different sizes), so a great option is to buy someone a V60 plus a bag of freshly brewed speciality coffee from one of the brilliant small batch coffee roasters, most of which you’ll find on the UK coffee roasters directory

Pact coffee have an offer for coffee blog readers, which gives you a free V60 when you sign up for a subscription, so this is a great idea if you’re thinking of buying someone a V60 + coffee, click here for that offer


Aeropress.This is another must-have coffee maker for anyone who is serious about coffee – and as with the V60, even if they already have one, no one will mind having a second one, you’d only use one at a time, but it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have one in the office and one at home for instance.

Aeropress was invented a few years ago by the Bill Adler, the genius who invented the Aerobie flying disk.

He was stood in the office kitchen drinking a slightly bitter coffee from the electric filter machine, while discussing with a colleague about how there should be a better way to quickly make a great single cup of coffee, and then decided that since he’s an inventor who specialises in aerodynamics, he should be able to rise to this challenge – and he did!

Aeropress is awesome, and it isn’t just novice home Barista’s like me who think so, a growing number of professional Baristas brew coffee with Aeropress, and there are even national and international Aeropress championships.

If the person you’re looking for a coffee gift for likes to travel, or to go camping or hiking for instance, then it makes Aeropress an even better prospect, as it’s very portable, easy to stick in a bag to take out when needed, and all you need to use it is ground coffee and hot water. When it comes to cleaning, you just push the plunger and a puck of used coffee grounds pops out, and then you give it a wipe or a rinse, and that’s that.

They’re about £20 or £25 if you go for the one with the Aeropress zip up storage tote bag.


keepcupHaving a decent coffee in a paper cup is a no-no for a speciality coffee lover, or at least a ‘would prefer not to’, and keepcup is one of the leading brands of reusable cups.

They make them in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours and materials. They range in price from about a fiver upwards, and I really don’t think you can go wrong with a keepcup as a gift for someone who loves coffee.

Using reusable cups vs. disposable takeaway cups is of course also an issue when it comes to the environment, due not only to the vast amount of trees that are used in creating takeaway cups, but also the ridiculous amount of paper cups that are put into landfill each year!


Goat Story

Goat Story MugAlong the same lines as keepcup, but more unique, is the Goat Story travel coffee cup. I really like the look of the Goat Story cup, they’re completely mad, which I think is brilliant ;-), who would think of making a coffee cup in the shape of a goat horn?

The idea comes from the contentious story of the origins of coffee, and the goats munching on coffee cherries.

They look and feel like a really good quality product, they come with a holder and strap, and can be attached to a bag or carried around the shoulder with the strap, and are available in three material options, faux leather, real leather & hemp, and in a range of colours. 

If you know anyone who would want to carry their coffee around with them on a strap, and not need to be concerned with whether the travel cup is upright, for instance, someone who cycles to work, the Goat Story mug could be a great gift, especially if that person likes things which are a bit alternative.

For lots of other great travel cups that would be good ideas for gifts for coffee lovers, see best travel cups, best leak proof travel mugs and best reusable coffee cups

Freshly roasted coffee beans

coffee beansI can’t think of a much better idea for an inexpensive coffee gift idea than freshly roasted coffee beans!

I’ve mentioned subscriptions already, but if you didn’t want to buy someone a coffee subscription, another idea would be to buy them a bag or two, or three, depending on how generous you’re feeling ;-).

I would recommend that you first ascertain whether or not the person you’re buying a gift for has a coffee grinder. If they have a grinder then obviously go for whole beans, if they don’t then find out what their favourite brewing method is, and source a freshly roasted coffee ground for that brew method.

To really treat someone who loves coffee, get them some freshly roasted coffee beans from one of the many small batch coffee roasters in the UK. 

You can expect to pay roughly £6 – £12 for 250g bag of freshly roasted coffee beans – well worth it in my opinion, and in the relatively near future with what is happening at the moment with climate change, we’ll probably look back nostalgically at these prices when we’re paying far more for coffee beans!


Home Barista Course

Home barista courses at Winchester Coffee School.

Here’s a great idea for gift for speciality coffee lovers – a home barista course! 

If you know someone who loves coffee, who would love the chance to not just be a coffee lover, AKA “coffee snob”, but actually be a trained home barista.

This course is just £49, it’s a two hour course, and the guys at Winchester Coffee School take the home barista through what basically seems to be a slightly scaled down version of their professional barista training, including training on the grinder, Espresso machine, technique, milk steaming, and more. If the coffee lover you’re buying for already has a setup, they can take their Espresso machine and grinder along with them, so they’re learning on their own gear – if not, they can use the in-house equipment.

Personally, I think a course like this, for the sake of fifty quid, is a must-have for any budding home barista. Apart from anything else, proper home barista prosumer gear is expensive, and learning to properly maintain it via a course like this to extend the life of the kit, is easily worth more than the cost of the course in terms of how much longer the kit is likely to last as a  result, if you ask me. Plus, if you’re going to make Espresso at home – you may as well make the very best Espresso possible, and I’m speaking from experience when I say that training makes a big difference! They also do a latte art training course, which I might actually do myself… I can pour Latte art, to a certain degree, but I’d love some more training focused purely on pouring latte art.

Click here for more info on the home barista course from Winchester Coffee School. 


The Sage Smart Grinder Pro

You won’t get much change from £200 (click here to check the current Amazon UK price) but this is a brilliant coffee grinder for home if you’re looking to spend a bit more on the special coffee lover in your life. 

To the uninitiated, this may seem like a crazy amount of money to spend on a coffee grinder, however, if you’re in the coffee industry you’ll know this is actually a very low-cost grinder, in fact, some don’t even class this grinder as a prosumer grinder! 

Prosumer means commercial level gear made for the consumer market, and I certainly do class the smart grinder pro as prosumer, having had mine for over 2 years now, but some of the most popular coffee grinders cost £300 and then some – with many in the range of £500-£1,000 or even higher. 

One of the great things about this grinder is it’s so easy to change the grind for various different processes, and it’s fine for practically all methods, from Cafetiere all the way to Espresso, so regardless of which coffee brewing method the person you’re buying from favours, they’ll love the smart grinder pro. 

DeLonghi ESAM 4200 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

latte art on Delonghi ESAM 4200 bean to cup

Again, at about £300 (click here to check the current price on Amazon UK)this isn’t a little gift, so we may be going way out of your price range here, but still – there may be some people reading this who’re specifically looking for a bean to cup coffee machine as a Christmas gift or birthday present, for a loved one – or even for yourself ;-). 

Some speciality coffee lovers, myself included, wouldn’t choose to use a bean to cup coffee machine, but that’s not to say that they’re not a great option for many coffee lovers. 

I prefer to use manual espresso machines, I prefer to have the full control that I have from using a separate grinder and espresso machine, but I do recognize the fact that using a semi-automatic espresso machine – or a manual machine such as my La Pavoni Euripiccola, isn’t for everyone.

The difference is that some coffee lovers want to be home baristas, while some don’t. Being a home Barista is a hobby, it involves investing a lot of time and cash – while many coffee lovers don’t have the time or inclination to embark on such a hobby, and just want to put great speciality coffee beans in the top, and get great coffee out at the bottom – and for these coffee lovers, I think bean to cup machines are great. 

Sure, having a separate decent grinder and prosumer espresso machine gives the potential for incredible shots of Espresso, but let’s be honest – skill is very important when it comes to Espresso – and there’s also the potential for terrible shots of Espresso that belong in the sink – while bean to cup machines might not quite have the potential for the same god shots that you may hope to master in the longrun, they do make pretty darn good espresso straight out the box – as long as you’re using pretty darn good coffee beans, of course. 

I feature the Delonghi ESAM 4200 because they sent it to me to try for a week – I thought it was brilliant, for the money, and I was surprised to find I was even able to steam milk with it which worked for Latte art, I wasn’t expecting that. See my  Delonghi ESAM 4200 review for more. 

Life is like a box of chocolates, so follow me on Twitter, and subscribe to my YouTube channel, and that’s all I have to say about that.



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  • Madison

    Great gift ideas, thanks! I have heard a lot of good things about the Aeropress and am anxious to try it! It is great that it is so portable and affordable. The Goat Story is a quirky gift indeed but quite genius, especially when you want to travel with coffee but are worried about it tipping on the commute. Another great gift for a coffee lover is specialty, high quality instant coffee, for those who want good coffee but don’t have the time.