Gift Coffee Subscriptions – Read This if You’re Looking for a Coffee Subscription Gift.

This is a list of the coffee subscriptions on the coffee subscriptions directory, which offer a gift coffee subscription. Not all coffee subscriptions offer a gift subscription, so this is a shortlist of all the roasters and multi-roaster coffee subscriptions with a gift subscription offer. 

To view coffee gift subscriptions along with other preferences, try the coffee subscriptions directory.

Blue Coffee Box

Blue Coffee Box are a specialist multi-roaster discovery coffee club, offering coffee subscriptions featuring some of the world’s best coffee roasters. Their coffee gift subscription starts at just £7.99 (free delivery) and is automatically non-recurring. This means that if you buy someone a one month, or three month subscription, for example, that you won’t end up accidentally paying for this subscription forever, or until you remember to cancel it – or whichever comes first ;-).

It’s also a flexible gift subscription which enables you to choose whole coffee beans or to select the brew method you’d like them to grind it for, and you can add a gift message for the recipient. Check out the full Blue Coffee Box review. If you go for Blue Coffee Box – use the code CB999 @

Check out the Black Friday gift subscription offer from Blue Coffee Box, it’s just for Coffee blog readers, and it’s still valid! 

Union Hand-Roasted

Union Hand-Roasted offer a gift subscription from £12.95. It’s a flexible subscription, allowing you to choose the amount of coffee you’d like to purchase for the gift recipient, how often you’d like them to receive it, whether to send them whole beans or ground. You can add a gift message, and choose the date you would like the first delivery to be made, and you can choose the exact number of deliveries. Click here to find out more. 

Notes Coffee

Notes coffee offer a weekly, fortnightly & monthly coffee gift subscription starting at £51 (£8.50 per 350g, minimum term 6 weeks). The subscription is auto recurring, so you’ll need to set yourself a reminder to cancel the subscription if you don’t want to give a gift which literally keeps on giving ;-). Click here for more info.

Dog & Hat

Dog & Hat are a multi-roaster coffee subscription, currently working with over thirty of the best UK coffee roasters.  The Dog & Hat gift coffee subscription starts at £50, for three monthly deliveries of 2 x 250g bags of freshly roasted coffee beans. As with blue coffee box and Union Hand-roasted, with the Dog & Hat coffee subscription, you’re only buying a pre-set number of deliveries, so you don’t need to worry about having to remember to cancel the subscription. Click Here for more info.

Has Bean

Has Bean offer their In My Mug coffee subscription, starting from £30 for 4 x 250g bags of coffee, as an upfront purchase, meaning you can pay for a subscription up front as a gift, as a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription. If you buy this subscription as a gift for your coffee lover friend or family member, make sure you tell them to watch the weekly videos which coincide with each coffee. Click Here for more info.

Perky Blenders

Perky Blenders, based in East London, offer their coffee subscription as a gift, from £8.00 including delivery. You can select from four blends, choose whole beans or pre-ground & add a gift message. You can choose the number of deliveries, starting at one, and they offer a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription – plus, a custom subscription, allowing you to create whatever frequency of subscription you would like to give as a gift. Click here for more info.

Dear Green Coffee Roasters

Glasgow based Dear Green Coffee roasters, offer their freshly roasted single origin coffee, as wholebean or ground for your chosen brew method, as a subscription gift, starting from £31 for 4 x 250g bags. It’s a paid upfront purchase, so it doesn’t recur at the end of the period. Click here for more info.

So there we go – these are all of the coffee subscription firms & roasters who’re currently included in the coffee subscription directory, which offer a coffee gift subscription.



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