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Flying Saucers. 6
While researching my recent post about coffee being both good and bad for health, I stumbled across a conspiracy involving the big coffee brands! This involves the UK government too, the NHS, and UFOs. OK I lied about the UFOs. But I did discover something very surprising, and this is the apparent disregard by the big coffee brands when it comes […]

Coffeegate – The Great Caffeine Conspiracy

Coffee could increase in price thanks to brexit.
This isn’t a political post, I’m not talking here about whether leaving the EU is the right choice or not, I’ve shared my opinion on that before. I don’t think it makes a difference now, the decision was made we just need to make the best of it. What I wanted to talk about in this post though is what […]

Speciality Coffee Soon to Cost More. Thanks Brexit!

Could Coffee Combat Depression?
Needless to say, depression is a horrible, horrible thing. Living with depression is unbearable, and the suicide statistics in the UK report that suicide is the leading cause of death from men aged 20-34 in England and Wales, so it’s no laughing matter, and I wouldn’t write a blog post about depression lightly, it’s such a serious issue. I struggled […]

Could Coffee Combat Depression?

What’s Bean Happening. Weekly Coffee News. 5th August 2016. Coffee news that got my attention this week: Would you like any pastries with your coffee, Oral? Founder of a new ‘Fellatio Café in Geneva, which is set to open in Dec 2016, has his sights on London as his next fellatio Café location. We’ve seen coffee shops with controversial names in the […]

Oral with your Coffee – Coffee Makes you Fat? – ...

Green party leader Natalie Bennett recently asked for a Latte in her reusable coffee cup during a Great Western Railway train journey from Truro to Plymouth. I think it is safe to assume that the person serving her didn’t realise that it was the leader of the green party that he was trying to force to take a disposable coffee cup! He apparently […]

Let’s Bin Disposable Coffee Cups…

Starbucks Iced Coffee.
What’s bean happening is a new weekly coffeeblog feature, briefly rounding up the weeks coffee related news. Whitbread Enters Third Wave Costa owners Whitbread have announced that they’re aiming to enter the Artisan coffee scene with their first speciality coffee shop planned for opening in Covent Garden by July. They haven’t announced their brand name yet, “Costa Slightly More” perhaps? Ha! Alison Brittain chief […]

What’s Bean Happening. Weekly Coffee News. 6th May 2016.