Can coffee influence business deals?

This is a guest post by Chris Brown, from, about how coffee can influence business. 

Can Coffee Influence Business Deals?

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We should grab a coffee some time” is a phrase that is bandied about in networking scenarios up and down the country.

It’s something of a euphemism, translating to perhaps we can do business or at least start a conversation in that direction. Coffee is an integral part of the urban business world, miss it and miss out.

Take a break…

Coffee Break.

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The restrictive nature of the office environment often hinders creativity or allows limited space for creative thinking. Simply switching the environment to a social space such as a coffee shop, can open conversations into new directions. The mood is refreshed and thinking patterns are changed.

Surprisingly it can also offer fewer distraction, no phones ringing or unwanted interruptions….

Fact! Coffee is not a hard sell!

Many business owners and decision makers are a dab hand at rebutting sales advances, usually having a steely gatekeeper to thwart unwanted pesky telesales calls. However, invite someone for coffee and you will rarely receive a knock back. It also takes the pressure off for both parties. In a coffee shop setting, no individual holds the power. The stuffy atmosphere of a formal business meeting is eliminated and the interaction becomes more human.

Coffee is a real draw for many office workers who realise its’ potential to refresh, revitalise and restore rational thinking. Indeed, good coffee at conferences and exhibitions has the same effect. At a recent exhibition in Greece, a company called Global View harnessed the pulling power of coffee. Whilst six competitors vied for delegates attention, Global View strategically placed a Mobile Coffee Bean barista station at their stand, which enabled them to interact with every member of the conference several times a day, a simple yet genius idea.

Fewer Formalities

How often have you attended a formal boardroom business meeting where the most effective part of the day was spent during the coffee break? Formal meetings become littered with power point presentation and business red tape.

Big decisions rarely occur at these type of events and often simply result in a round robin of emails, revisiting what was stated at the meeting. The informal coffee shop scenario removes these problems and they are far easier to organise, without the need for name tags.

Create memories…

We have no intention of becoming all soppy, but sharing a coffee truly creates memories. It may be hard to distinguish one boardroom meeting from the next, but great coffee is always memorable. Taking a client for a good coffee, ensures they will be left with a positive vibe, making them more open to your future suggestions and creating the opportunity to do business.

Chris Brown is the owner of The Mobile Coffee Bean, a mobile coffee van, cart and bar hire service that brings high street coffee to events using Piaggio Ape vans.



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