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This is one of the posts in a series of best travel mugs posts currently underway, in which I’m trying to figure out which are the best travel mugs within specific categories. In this post, I’m attempting to sort out which are the best leak proof travel mugs in the UK.

By the way, if you think I’ve missed any that deserve to be ranked among the best, just let me know. If you work for any of these brands, and you want me to try and review any of your travel mugs, just email me.

Goat Story Travel Mugs – Stylish, Quirky & Leak Proof.

Leak Proof Goat Story Travel Mugs.

I’m starting with the Goat Story mug, as these guys were one of the first travel mug brands to send me their quirky travel mug, a couple of years back, and I really liked it.

Available in a range of different materials and colours, the goat story mug design is influenced by the origins of coffee, the “Goat Story” – that it was a goatherd by the name of Kaldi or Khalid, who first discovered coffee sometime around 850 AD when he noticed the goats acting more energetic after munching on coffee cherries.

They’re not made from actual goat horns, obviously ;-). The actual travel mug itself is made from a BPA free plastic, it feels very sturdy. It comes with a sleeve/holder which doubles as a stand, a hand strap and a shoulder strap.

There is a fairly wide range of choice when it comes to the colour and material used for the holder/stand and straps. The one they sent to me has black faux leather holder and straps, they do them in black, brown & marsala in real leather or faux leather, and in hemp material. They do them in 12 ounce and 16, 340/470ml.


Drink your favorite coffee from a mug your fellow enthusiasts will definitely notice with this BPA free coffee mug from Goat Story. This mug comes in the shape of a horn as a tribute to the goats who discovered coffee (yes, really). It includes a sleeve for comfortable holding and matching straps so you can hook it to your backpack or sling it over your shoulder. The mug is guaranteed to be 100% leak resistant and fully insulated, so beverages stay hot and spill-free. Its ergonomic shape means not only can you take it anywhere, but you’ll want to. Even better, the mug is dishwasher safe for your convenience.

Leak Proof Travel Mug?

While the Goat story travel mugs don’t have any kind of innovative sealing technology like some of the leak proof travel mugs have, they have a conventional seal which works very well. You should be able to sling the goat story over your shoulder, throw it around, run with it, cycle with it, chuck it over onto the passenger seat etc., without it leaking.

The only one thing to add to this, is that if you’re putting black coffee or tea in your goat story mug, which tends to be a bit hotter than coffee or tea with milk, just give it 30 seconds to a minute until you seal it and go on your way, otherwise the steam might pop the seal. I can see from some of the reviews that this has happened in the past, and I think it will happen with any conventional seal if you seal it straight away with a steaming hot drink in it, as a standard seal will give if there’s too much steam pressure.

If you’re using a brew method which does result in steaming hot coffee, then you might just need to wait a couple of minutes before the coffee reaches drinking temp, before you can make a completely leak proof seal. If you’re drinking milkies or pourover, it’s more than likely going to be at a suitable temp to make a leakproof seal straight away, but I’d check it first if I were you before slapping it in your bag or slinging it over your shoulder, or attaching it to your bag.

I’ve had no problems with this travel mug leaking. I’ve taken it out with me in the car, chucked it on the passenger seat, carried it around by the strap, I’ve been quite active with it, and it hasn’t leaked at all. They’re developed to be leak proof, as they’re meant to be used by people on the go, running or cycling, or even on horseback, I imagine, in fact you’d probably look like a cowboy riding a horse with one if these slung over your shoulder ;-).

High Quality

I have to say, this is a very good quality travel mug, as are all of the bits it comes with, the holder/sleeve and the straps. I’ve had it about two years, and OK I’ve not used it a heck of a lot, but it looks and feels really well made.


Did I mention this is a really quirky travel mug? ;-). This is a head turner, and a conversation starter, as one of the Amazon reviews points out. If you’re comfortable with people looking at you, and asking you questions about your travel mug, then cool. If you’re the kind of person who would be really embarrassed if people were stopping you and asking you about your travel mug though, this might not be for you.

Car Cup Holders

Doesn’t fit in most car cup holders, there may be some of the pop-out cup holders that it would fit in, but it won’t fit in most. So if slotting a travel mug into a car cup holder is important for you, Goat Story probably isn’t the mug for you.

Amazon Reviews

It depends on which product you look at on Amazon, as there are various listings for the different colours and material options, but they range between 4-5 out of 5, and most of the reviews are very positive.


They range from £23.91 – £35.06 here on Amazon.


Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug, Version 2.

Contigo Autoseal West Loop Leak Proof Travel Mug


  • Vacuum-insulated technology keeps beverages hot for 4 hours, and cold for 12 hours
  • Autoseal Technology. Press to sip. Release to seal
  • Constructed with a double wall and stainless steel inside and out for maximum performance
  • One handed operation for on-the-go drinking
  • Made out of BPA Free Translucent Tritan Copolyester
  • Spill and leaf proof
  • Lid is top rack dishwasher safe
  • Sleek design fits most car cup holders for travel
  • Capacity of 470 ml
  • Height 20 cm x Width 7 cm x Depth 7 cm

I like the look of these travel mugs. Contigo are a well known worldwide brand, and these mugs have some seriously good reviews, like this one on YouTube which raves about the quality of the seal, and the lock button to prevent accidental spillage, and the innovative cleaning feature.

Not a conventional seal!

Contigo have a patented auto seal, it isn’t a conventional seal. It automatically seals, you press the button in order to release the seal so you can drink from it, and when you take your finger off the button, it seals again. There’s also a lock (on version 2) to make sure that if you’re putting this in your bag or somewhere where the seal button could in theory be pressed accidentally, that it can’t release by mistake.

Make sure you get version 2

The first version of this leakproof travel mug didn’t have the really clever easy clean feature of the newer version 2. This feature enables you to push a button inside the lid which pops the seal out so that it can be properly cleaned, and without this, the first version wasn’t as easy to clean as far as I can tell. This is version 2 – just make sure that the description or title of the one you go for states that it’s version 2.0 – as I’ve seen the first version still selling for the same price as the updated version.

Contigo Leakproof Travel mug Colour Options

Car Cup Holders

The contigo travel mugs are designed to fit in most car cup holders.

Amazon Reviews

The first version has 4.4/5 from nearly 1400 reviews, click here to read them. The newer version has 4.2/5 so far click here to read the good, bad and ugly of the Amazon reviews. The negative reviews for the first verion are fairly rare, but most seem to be about how tough it was to clean, and you can see they listened to customers and sorted this out in version 2. The negatives with the second version appear to be due to a higher failure rate than the first version, but I’m wondering someone has been selling some copies on Amazon… I know there are cheaper copies of this travel mug, which usually aren’t sold as Contigo, but some of the comments give me the impression that some customers have ended up with a fake, thinking they’ve bought a genuine one.

It’s quite possible to be sold a fake via Amazon without knowing, and without Amazon knowing either. The way the Amazon listings work, allows others to add their stock to a listing. Rather than one seller owning their listing, as it is with eBay, on Amazon there’s one listing for a specific product, and anyone else selling stock of that same product can add their offer to the listing.

The problem with this is that someone can come along, offer to sell the genuine product cheaper, undercut the distributors selling the genuine product, with a cheap copy. It’s then up to Amazon to weed out the dodgy sellers, which they do – but in theory, you could get caught out with a cheap copy before the seller has been caught out by Amazon. If you do suspect you’ve bought a counterfeit product though, you can complain to Amazon and they’ll sort it. I’ve never had a problem buying from Amazon, personally.

I think the best way to stay safe from dodgy fakes is to not go for the cheapest offer if there is more than one offer for a product, go for the original listing. I usually feel safe going for a product that is “fulfilled by Amazon” which means that the stock is sent to Amazon to fulfil, as I would imagine that companies selling fakes aren’t going to send them to Amazon to store and ship, but I may be wrong.


They range from £23.91 – £35.06 here on Amazon – and the 470ml version is currently £23.99 on IWOOT ( – Update, the version 2 470ml blue one is currently reduced to £17.99 on


Zojirushi Stainless Steel Non-Stick Vacuum Travel Mug

Zojirushi Leak Proof Travel Mug

This cool looking non leak – and non-stick travel mug comes from the global Japanese based brand Zojirushi. 

Nearly everything I’ve read about this travel mug/bottle (from users, I’m not referring to marketing info which is obviously going to be biased) has been hugely positive, and rave about it’s durability, looks, how well it keeps hot drinks hot for hours & hours, how easy it is to clean (partly down to the non-stick inner material I assume), and many users in the Amazon reviews rate this as the best travel mug they’ve ever used, after using other brands, so it really does seem to be a popular travel mug among users. 


You’ll never want to use another flask again. Zojirushi’s range of stainless steel travel mugs use vacuum insulation to keep your drinks at the perfect temperature for hours – whether it’s a steaming hot coffee or a refreshing chilled cordial.

With its 360 ml capacity, this sleek black flask is big enough to hold a small-sized coffee shop beverage (354 ml), or an on-the-go-size bottle of water (330 ml). It’s compact too, so it fits nicely in a bag or rucksack. In fact, everything about this travel mug has been designed with portability and convenience in mind – from its safety-lock mechanism that prevents leaks on-the-go, to its easy-to-clean stain-resistant, non-stick coating. It’s ideal for work, school or play.

This mug measures 17.5 cm (7 inches) tall, and has a slick black finish that’s just right for the office (or a spot of urban adventuring).

Vacuum insulation technology
Zojirushi’s pioneering vacuum insulation technology minimises the temperature change in your drinks. Between its strong inner and outer stainless steel layers, it features a high-performance layer of vacuum insulation. It works by blocking heat – whether it’s heat escaping from your hot beverages, or heat from the air transferring through your cold drinks.

Superior heat and cold retention
This vacuum travel mug has been scientifically-proven, by Zojirushi, to keep your drinks hotter or colder for much longer. It’s ideal for year-round use. See the results for yourself:

Leak proof vacuum thermal travel mug.


  • Zojirushi mugs keep hot and cold drinks at an ideal temperatures for longer; this sleek black flask is suitable for work, school and play
  • With Zojirushi’s pioneering vacuum insulation, it delivers heat and cold retention and minimises temperature changes
  • Features a 360 ml capacity – big enough to hold a small-size coffee shop drink; compact size makes it suitable for bags or rucksacks
  • Sip straight from the mug with its BPA-free flip-top lid and stopper; safety lock prevents drinks leaking out when you’re on-the-go
  • Quick and easy to rinse out when empty; finished with Zojirushi’s odour-and stain-resistant non-stick coating
  • Measures 6.5 x 6.5 x 17.5 cm (2½ x 2½ x 7 inches)
  • Rinse only – do not soak
  • 100 per cent BPA-free

Car Cup Holders

At 7cm wide, it will fit into the larger cup holders which tend to be just over 7cm, but there’s a smaller cup holder size that some car brands have which is 6.3cm, so it’s not going to fit into these. They’re completely leak proof / spill proof, though, so it’s fine to lie them down. If it doesn’t fit your holder and you want to slot it into a holder, you could go for an air vent cup holder, just make sure it fits 7 cm cups.

Amazon Reviews

4.6/5 stars from a whopping 6,265 reviews!! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a product with so many review, just shows what a popular product this is. Keep in mind that this particular listing with the huge amount of reviews, is from Amazon US (stocked and fulfilled by Amazon), so if you go for that one you’ll probably end up paying import fees. This is the UK original version, and this is the UK updated version as of March 2018. 


RRP of the new version is £34.99 for the 360ml version, or £35.99 for the 600ml version. The previous version is still available too, £24.92 for 360ml, £34.99 for the 480ml, £28.99 for 600ml.


Camelbak Forge Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug

Camelbak Forge - The Best Leak Free Travel Mugs in the UK?

Available in 12 and 16 ounce, and in a range of colours.

This travel mug from Camelbak looks like it means business, certainly not your average looking travel mug.


Forge ahead without spills on your way to the trailhead in the morning. Sometimes water just isn’t enough that’s why we reinvented the travel mug for a better on-the-go coffee and tea experience. The double-walled, vacuum-insulated steel vessel keeps 16 oz. of coffee or tea piping hot for 6 hours, with an impact cap that prevents dents or cracks if you drop it. The Forge is designed to fit in most cup holders, but the leak-proof cap means you can also toss it into your pack without soaking your gear. When you need to keep your eyes on the road, the self-sealing cap lets you drink one-handed, then snaps back into place to prevent leaks or spills. For frequent sipping, just press the top button to lock the cap open. The lid won’t collect grime, either just pop up the arms for easy cleaning in the sink or dishwasher.


  • One-handed self-sealing lever and leak-proof closure
  • Vacuum insulation stays hot 6 hours
  • Impact cap helps protect against accidental drops
  • Lock-open button for frequent sipping and arms flip up for easy cleaning

Leakproof Cap

Self-sealing cap eliminates leaks with intuitive one-handed drink lever. It also flips open for easy cleaning and won’t collect gunk or grime.


– Capacity: 12 or 16 fl oz

– Material: 18/8 Stainless Steel

Double Wall Insulation

Double-walled vacuum insulation maintains your drink’s temperature for hours and prevents condensation from collection on the vessel.

Car Cup Holders

Fits most car cup holders, also fits bicycle bottle cages (I know this as it’s one of the Amazon answered questions).

Amazon Reviews

4.4/5 from over 130 reviews & 13 answered questions. Click here to read them.


12 ounce RRP £29.99 but currently here on Amazon for £23.03 – 16 ounce RRP £34.99 but available here on Amazon for £26.46.


Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug

Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Thermal Travel Mug.

This is one retro looking travel mug, I love the look of it! Available in a range of colours including hammertone green, hammertone crimson and hammertone Navy, these classic looking vacuum travel mugs are rugged, and built for some serious outdoor use

The “one hand” comes from the fact that it’s designed to function with the use of just one hand, by pressing a button in the lid to allow you to drink from it, while digging ditches, chopping down trees or building stuff with your other hand – or just messing on your smart phone ;-).

Stanley have been making vaccum flasks since the early 1900s, who knew?? Well, someone must have, but I didn’t.


  • Vacuum insulation body + thermal lid keep drinks hot 4.5 hours, cold 5 hours or iced 20 hours
  • 18/8 stainless steel won’t rust; Naturally BPA-free
  • Push button lid lets you open, drink, close with one hand
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lid disassembles for deep cleaning
  • Leak proof and fully packable
  • Bike Cage Friendly
  • Lifetime Warranty

Car Cup Holders

At 7.62cm wide, this is too wide for most cup holders, which tend to be either 6.6cm or 7.3cm – however, this air vent cup holder is just £7.99 and it’s listed as being able to take up to 8.5cm.

Amazon Reviews

4.2/5 from 115 reviews, and 14 answered questions – click here to read them.


RRP is listed at £32.99 but at the time of writing, it’s on offer at £24.36 here on Amazon.


Thermos Direct Drink Flask / Travel Mug

Thermos direct leak proof travel mug.

The Thermos brand needs no introduction in the UK of course, probably the most well known brand in the UK when it comes to flasks – and the thermos direct is a very popular travel mug/flask, as you can see by the stonking Amazon reviews – some very passionate positive reviews about this product.


The Thermos Direct Drink stainless steel flask uses Thermos™ vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention to keep drinks hot for 10 hours and cold for 24 hours. Featuring a drink-through spout with locking top for quick, one-handed sipping, the flask is also suitable for use as a travel mug and sports bottle. Compact and lightweight, the sleek, contemporary design is perfect for transportation and storage and will fit in most car cup holders. With a durable stainless steel interior and exterior, the flask remains cool to the touch and sweat proof and boasts a contoured body that is comfortable to hold.


  • Multipurpose: use as a flask, travel mug or sports bottle
  • Drinks stay hot for up to 10 hours and cold for up to 24 hours
  • Drink-through spout for one-handed sipping
  • Locking top prevents leaks
  • Contoured body   
  • Vacuum insulation technology
  • Durable stainless steel interior and exterior
  • BPA free
  • Fits in most car cup holders
  • For best results pre-fill with hot water for hot drinks or cold water for cold drinks for 3 minutes
  • Wash with warm water and washing-up liquid
  • Not suitable for use in a dishwasher
  • Capacity: 470ml

Car Cup Holders

It’s 7cm wide, so it will fit into the larger cup holders which are just over 7cm, but there’s a smaller cup holder size that some car brands have which is about 6.3cm, so it’s not going to fit into these. If it doesn’t fit your holder and you want to slot it into a holder, you could go for an air vent cup holder, just make sure it fits 7 cm cups.

Amazon Reviews

4.6/5 from 380 reviews, and 39 answered questions – click here to read them.


Currently £19.99 on Amazon (and eligible for prime – click here for the free trial), Also available on – click here to see the current price.


Frank Green Smart Cup

Frank Green Smart Cup.These are pretty looking designer leak proof travel cups from Aus based brand Frank Green, and are made from recycled materials.

Available from and various UK stockists, there are a range of different smart cup’s available, in different styles, colours and sizes.


  • Clever one handed, push button operation opens and closes the SmartCup’s spill resistant lid
  • The drinking hole is designed for optimum liquid flow
  • Smart double walled thermo outer layer keeps your coffee hotter for longer
  • Made from premium quality materials with a stain and odour resistant inner — taste your coffee and not your cup
  • Signature non-slip grip feels great in your hand
  • Fits in standard cup holders
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Recyclable at end of life
  • Customise your SmartCup base, lid and button colours
  • Australian owned, made and designed
  • Spare Parts (available)

Frank Green Travel Cups.Car Cup Holders

Yes, it’s stated that the Frank Green travel cups fit most cup holders.

Not Smart in the UK?

The “Smart” bit relates to a chip in the lid which allows you to scan the lid at your favourite coffee shop, not just to pay for your coffee, but also to remember how you drink your coffee, so literally, all you do is scan the lid and hand the cup to the Barista. While this is an amazing idea, the app it works with is CaféPay – which is available in Australia, and I think in the States too, but not in the UK or Europe as yet.

Youtube Reviews

There’s only one Amazon review, as it looks like it’s a product that was only briefly listed on Amazon. So I’ve found reviews on Youtube instead for the Frank Green Smartcup.


Also this Frank Green Vs Keepcup Review on is worth a read, it rates the Frank Green cups ahead when it comes to being leak proof, but ranks the keepcup ahead when it comes to being able to taste the crema on a coffee, as the design of the lid on the Frank Green cups (and other travel mugs) prevents the crema on the top of the drink from reaching your lips, while the more conventional approach of keep cups allow your lips to come into contact with the crema when you start drinking your coffee.


You can get them from Climpsons and Sons & Foundry coffee roasters online for about £20 – or click here to see more stockists.



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    • coffeelover Post author

      Thanks Tyler 🙂 Yeah I’ve seen the camera lens ones, there are some cool looking travel mugs which are fine for at the desk etc., especially if you tend to finish your coffee while it’s still hot, but yes if you want a travel mug for on the go, multi tasking, which won’t leak everywhere and will keep your brew warm until you’ve got round to finishing it, one of these leak proof travel mugs would be a good option. Cheers.

  • Jane

    Great blog and thank you for sharing your reviews! It’s suprisingly challenging finding the right travel mug, but it is defintely worth searching around for. I really can’t do without my morning cup of coffee, and I love being able to take my home-brewed coffee with me on my journey in to work everyday. I recently started using the Frank Green smart cup and love it. Hopefully we’ll be able to use the ‘smart’ chip component of the cup soon too!

    • coffeelover Post author

      Thanks Jane 🙂 I spoke to someone at Frank Green, and they told me they’re “working on global accessibility in the future”. It does look like a very good leak proof travel cup/mug.