The Anatomy of the Perfect Coffee

This is an interesting and pretty coffee infographic from Aqua Cure. It certainly makes sense that the quality of the water and the milk is of high importance along with, of course, the quality and freshness of the coffee. 

The Anatomy of The Perfect Coffee Infographic


The point about coffee being the no1 source of antioxidants in the western diet is an amazing one. I’ve read that study, and it shows that not only is this the case, but nothing else came anywhere near close to the levels of antioxidants found in coffee.

The 10 minute coffee release I believe is about right in my experience although I expect it depends on the individual and that this is an average. The first (of many) coffee of the day seems to give me the biggest lift in energy and mood.

So there you go, thanks Aqua Cure for getting in touch with me with this. 

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