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This is a guest post about the best cities in the world for coffee lovers, by Gregory Tumlin, Editor of AGreatCoffee

A trip to any new city is often exciting, but when you’re a caffeine addict, your first instinct will be to find the nearest coffee shop to satisfy your cravings.
Here are the best cities where you will fit right in as a coffee lover.

1. Rome


Photo credit: Luc Mercelis

The idea of not drinking coffee in a day is alien to the Romans as much as having to explain its rituals to a foreigner. The city is filled with cozy shops matched with the atmosphere of romance that has become a brand in this historical city in Italy.
One point to note is never to use the word espresso in Rome. It’s a technical term to Romans, not an everyday word. Don’t just order a cup of coffee, order for items on the menu like the special cornetto. Once you have a taste of coffee in Rome, you will become immune to poorly made coffee.


2. Vienna


Photo credit: Thomas Fabian

Vienna is known for its enticing coffee culture. Do you have an incurable sweet tooth? Do you love the smell of caffeine? If you ticked yes to both questions, you would like Vienna. Coffee to Viennese is not a morning ritual or an afternoon perk you get for a job well done.
It is a way of life. UNESCO didn’t add Viennese coffee house culture to their list of intangible cultural heritage for nothing. This is because you get to consume more than the coffee in their cafes – you also consume the lush space and time. 

3. Havana


Photo credit: Pedro Szekely

When we hear Havana, two things come to our minds – cigars and rum. Unknown to many, if coffee were a country in the world, Havana would be the capital. 
Havana coffee shops are very traditional with their brewing process. Most of the cafes roast their beans in-house every day – creating an unusual aroma that makes it irresistible to tourists. To Cubans, coffee is a source of unity and pride. Any coffee lover will feel at home in this coffee loving city.

4. Taipei


Photo credit: Tsaiian

While it’s true that Taiwan is home to mouth gaping temples, it also has a rich coffee culture. This Far East country boasts of coffee shops with inspiring and well-lit space where you can bask in your love for caffeine in peace without disturbances or worry from the troubles of the world.

Coffee is served in this city in glassware, and there are other items on the menu to satisfy your cravings.



5. Buenos Aires

Diagonal Norte, Buenos Aires

Photo credit: Mariano Mantel

Buenos Aires is one of those special Latin countries with a large coffee coverage. If you’re searching for the perfect brew from baristas who take their job seriously.
Buenos Aires has an array of coffee shops at every corner you turn to. Once you get to this beautiful city, you will have 99 problems to deal with, but a Cafe won’t be one.

6. Lisbon


Photo credit: Mgkm photography

Often overlooked as a travel vacation due to its location on the map – sandwiched between France and Spain. Lisbon has been growing as a vibrant city for coffee lovers.
The culture is very hipster – making the setting friendly for business meetings and Sunday lunch. It’s a great city that you will enjoy alone or in groups.

7. Melbourne

Melbourne.One of the largest cities in Australia is a handful of tourist attractions thanks to its coastal attractions.
This city offers a vibrant coffee community as well. I visited Market Lane Coffee once, and I was blown away by the friendliness of the baristas and the items on their menu.
The setting is fresh and airy creating the perfect atmosphere for enjoying your coffee.

8. Byron Bay

Byron Bay Cafe.

Photo credit: Daniel Dimarco

Australia is a coffee powerhouse in Europe, and it is no wonder that Byron Bay too ranks high on the list of coffee loving cities.
Byron Bay offers an extensive list of Cafe Bars which offers locally grown coffee with an enticing aroma. Byron Bay might seem like a quiet city but thanks to its addiction to caffeine – this city never sleeps.

9. Manhattan

Manhattan from the Rockefeller Centre.

Photo credit: Andrew Moore

When it comes to one of the most fast-paced cities in the world, Manhattan has to be on top 3. The city is littered with the popular coffee shops like Starbucks as well as traditional cafes like Kaffee 1668.
If you want to get thrilled as a coffee lover in New York, visit downtown Manhattan. There are more coffee shops than there are parking spaces in downtown.


10. Paris

Photo credit: Miroslav Petrasko

The French don’t joke with their dressing and their dining. It’s a romance filled city like Rome, and this could explain why the coffee is so good in Paris.
A good place to start is Ten Belles which is a long-standing cafe at Rue de la Grange. The design is as tasteful as the coffee they serve there.



11. Strasbourg


Photo credit: Spiterman

While Paris might take a huge chunk of the tourist attractions in Paris, Strasbourg has a growing culture and people who love artisan coffee. One cafe I stumbled on during my visit is Oh My Goodness Cafe at Rue de la 1ère Armée in Strasbourg.
With an airy finish and artistic designs, this coffee shop serves a strong brew. It’s also one of the few cafes in France where rock music is played giving it an energetic vibe.



12. Portland


Photo credit: Maciek Lulko

This Northwest Pacific city is made up of a diverse population who love their coffee. Coffee lovers are always welcomed in Portland.
You will find a variety of designs and vibes in the cafes in Portland, but the coffee tastes just as good – strong and delicious.

13. Luzern


Photo credit: Kurt Stocker

Switzerland may be the home to advanced retail banking, and it is no surprise why their coffee is so tasty. If you’re visiting the Alps, you need to check out Luzern.
The city is littered with cozy cafes where your taste bud will be pampered with great coffee as well as a comfortable place for you to warm your body.



14. NYC

Photo credit: Kaysha

Well, it’s no surprise that the Big Apple is on this list. It’s known for its fast-paced activities, and you shouldn’t be surprised it is a caffeine hub.
You can get all kinds of coffee brewed in New York from single cups to espresso and lattes. The coffee culture in NYC is one to die for, and it’s nested in its culture.


15. Las Vegas

Las Vegas Boulevard

Photo credit: James Marvin Phelps

Known for its bright lights and casinos, when you’re in Las Vegas you could spend the whole day playing poker till exhaustion creeps in. When this happens, you need to turn to the other side of the city to see what a good tasting coffee tastes like.
In the heart of the gambling town, you will find PublicUs Las Vegas, one of the best local coffee roasters that serve fresh pastries along with incredible coffee.


16. London

Trafalgar Square, London

Photo credit: Neiljs

Yes, the Brits are not as addicted to their tea as much as we think. Sometimes, they go for an espresso, and this is not one of those rare occurrences. Who can blame them?
London can be quite slow at times – no better way to pick up the pace than a quick cup of caffeine.
As a coffee lover who is traveling through Europe, you will be amazed at how the coffee shops in London work – each one works to roast and brew the perfect coffee that will wow its patrons.

17. Stockholm


Photo credit: Vapi photographie

The coffee culture in Sweden is quite different, but the desire for a great tasting coffee is similar to some of the major cities I visited. Widely seen as an open and progressive city for coffee lovers.
This Scandinavian city has influenced industry sourcing and roasting styles for years. Visiting this northern European country will reveal how easy it is to get a variety of good coffee. Despite the moody skies and fickle weather, Stockholm still ranks high among the world’s top coffee consumers.

18. Tokyo

Tokyo at night.

Photo credit: w00kie

Without Japan, some of the industrial and business powerhouses that we have come to love and admire would not be in existence. From Sony to Toyota, Japan is an important country in the world.
Just as the world respects Japan for its industrial prowess, Japanese admire Toyo for its vibrancy and trendy coffee joints that get patronage from tourists. Their coffee shops are so sleek that tourists use it for backdrops meaning you have to wait in a queue to get your coffee – but the coffee is definitely worth the wait.


19. Toronto


Photo credit: Mariusz Kluzniak

After Moscow, few cities get as cold as Toronto. Canadians don’t have vodka like Russians, so a warm coffee brew is the only way to stay awake at home or while at work.
There is so much on offer for the coffee addict in Toronto. Dineen Coffee is the perfect stop for the coffee lover who is new in Toronto. With exciting and tasty pastries and their in-house flavor syrup, these guys will make you feel right at home in Canada.

20. Seattle

Seattle by Moonlight.

Photo credit: Howard Ignatius

Impossible not to include the home of Starbucks and the Microsoft Campus – home to thousands of developers who live on caffeine in my review.
Due to the unpredictable rain, Seattle is a city whose need for coffee can’t be overestimated. As a tourist visiting America, Seattle is a must stop for you if you love the smell of freshly roasted coffee, art, and delicious pastries.
Sip your coffee while exploring the local art community. A perfect blend of culture and sophistication.
People travel for all kinds of reasons – wine tasting, historical sighting and more. These locations offer a lot for those who love their coffee served right.  As a coffee lover, you can travel to these 20 cities with the assurance that you will find like minds there.
Gregory Tumlin
Gregory Tumlin is the Editor of AGreatCoffee & a coffee enthusiast who loves to share what he knows about this field. 



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