10 Signs You Are Addicted to Coffee. 1

This is a guest post & funny creative by a bunch of mutual coffee addicts at Freshpresso

There are very few things in life that we take very seriously and coffee is one of them.

If you’re not addicted to coffee then you haven’t really experienced the wrath of this dark magic potion that gives you superhuman abilities.

However, if you need your daily morning, evening and post-nap coffee to turn you from a borderline psychopath into a fun, social human being then you’ll definitely relate to these 10 signs that show you’re hooked on caffeine and by hooked we mean, in love with the dark elixir of life.


10 signs you are addicted to coffee.


This hilarious creative on 10 signs of coffee addiction was designed and published by a bunch of caffeine addicted monkeys at Freshpresso.



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