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This post is a coffee subscription review, that is, I’m reviewing the coffee subscription idea in general, exploring the idea and sharing what I’ve discovered in terms of what to look for in a coffee subscription, and different kind of subscriptions out there. I do touch on some of the coffee subscriptions and how they differ, but if you were […]

Coffee Subscription Review – Comparisons and Comments.

Today I was chatting to a young guy who didn’t know there was any difference between instant coffee and coffee made from ground beans. When I say young by the way, I don’t mean 5 or 6, I mean early 20s! ;-). For whatever reason he just wasn’t aware of  of any difference between instant coffee vs ground coffee beans. When […]

The Difference Between Instant Coffee and Ground Coffee / Filter ...

Pact Coffee, Fazenda Chapada
These are the current freshly roasted coffees on offer from pact – at the time of writing. Please note, if you’ve come here from a Google search looking for the £1 offer, it’s expired I’m afraid, but I’ve spoken to Pact and they’ve offered a new code especially for coffeeblog readers! Previously Pact had an introductory offer which gave new […]

Pact Coffee Voucher Code Just For You. Plus Reviews of ...

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  If you pop into your local supermarket and pick up a bag (or tin) of coffee beans or pre-ground coffee, you’re probably accustomed to spending around £3 – £5 for a 250g bag. If you hop onto the website of a coffee roaster, or call in at a local roastery if you’re lucky enough to have one locally, you’ll […]

Freshly Roasted Speciality Coffee Beans Vs. Supermarket Coffee.

Dumbledore from Harry Potter. I reckon there's coffee in that cup.
  In previous posts I’ve alluded to the fact that I haven’t previously had a particularly high regard for decaf, in fact it’s fair to say that I see decaffeinated coffee as a similar substance to non alcoholic lager and wine. I was a TV extra for a few years, on Hollyoaks and coronation street amongst others (I did shameless once, […]

What is This Sorcery?? Decaffeinated Coffee…Tastes Like Coffee!

Pact Coffee Review.
A week or so ago I wrote this review of Pact Coffee, which was a review of the great service that I received from Pact Coffee, and also their coffee. The first coffee I had from them was their “Planalto, Malt Milk Chocolate Shake” coffee, which I was very, very impressed with. You can either select your own coffee each time […]

My second Pact Coffee – Finca La Joyeria “Poached Pear ...

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This is an honest customer review of the UK coffee subscription service from Pact Coffee, one of the most popular and usually regarded among the best coffee subscriptions in the UK. At the time of writing I have absolutely no relationship with the company whatsoever, I haven’t announced that I’m reviewing them, I didn’t let them know at the time I signed up to […]

Pact Coffee Review. The Best Coffee Subscription in the UK?