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Aeropress vs cafetiere - FIGHT!
I love cafetiere coffee, I love Aeropress coffee, Espresso, pourover – there’s a recurring theme here… I love coffee! But there’s something I’ve become aware of lately, and that is the impression that some people have that the Aeropress is a form or style of cafetiere / French press, rather than a coffee maker in its own right. This is […]

Aeropress Vs. Cafetiere / French Press.

Hario V60 Coffee Maker. 6
The V60 coffee maker is one of the most popular pour over dripper options, and I’m not surprised as they’re so good, and so inexpensive! I would call it a cheap coffee maker, but this makes it sound like it’s a poor quality coffee maker which it certainly isn’t, it’s up among the very best in terms of popularity, and in terms […]

Hario V60 Coffee Maker Review