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Judge Red Cappuccino Mug
I’ve been trying for a while now to pour latte art, just for fun. I’ve not got very far with it, I think mainly because I’m not using a steam wand, I’m trying to use a spinning frother (I’m using the Le Xpress frother, which seems almost identical to the ones I’ve had from Ikea in the past) I’ve seen others on YouTube managing to pour really good latte art using one of these, but I don’t seem to be able to get the milk foam to quite the right consistency.

Anyway, I have a few bowl shaped cappuccino cups which work best for Latte art, but the ones I have are huge! When I was at Pot Kettle Black at the weekend, I really liked their smaller cappuccino cups. They seem like probably 8 ounce cups, and the shape looks perfect for latte art (shallow but wide).

I had a look around and I found these red cappuccino cups and saucers from Judge, I ordered one yesterday, to see what they’re like first before ordering a few more.

Here’s the result, as you can see my latte art is still crap, but the cappuccino cup, I really like. It actually looks very similar to the cups in Pot Kettle Black, they’re porcelain, feel really good quality, and I think they’re the perfect size for a cappuccino or flat white.

They’re £7.88 on Amazon, including free next day delivery if like me you have Amazon Prime. By the way, I hardly ever watch Amazon prime TV, the reason I have prime is simply that I order so much from Amazon (I buy stuff via amazon for work too) that it makes sense to have prime to make the most of the free next day delivery – as I can usually find the product I want with the “prime” tick indicating that I can get it delivered tomorrow free.

They’re dishwasher and microwave safe.

Price wise, taken out of context I suppose just under £8 for one cup and saucer would appear a bit steep, but the Costa cups are roughly double this price, and I could only find a couple of other cappuccino cups on Amazon that were slightly cheaper, most are a similar price or slightly more, so comparatively speaking I think this price is OK. 

If you look at the Amazon reviews for the Judge capuccino cups, they have 4.6 out of 5 stars from 69 reviews, which is very good – but from reading the reviews, it should actually be a solid 5 star review…You see, many people don’t appear to understand what the Amazon product review is all about, and I can’t really blame the individuals (although I have left a few mini rants as replies to negative reviews on Amazon…) because Amazon should make this far more obvious.

When you review a product on Amazon, you’re reviewing the product. If you drop a couple of stars from the review because it was damaged in delivery or the delivery wasn’t as quick as Amazon stated – you’re abusing the product review tool. As stated on the Amazon website: Your delivery experience, or packaging is not a product review and should be shared at or

It winds me up when I see people writing comments in their reviews along the lines of “almost perfect, but it was damaged in delivery hence the 2 star review” or “it wasn’t quite delivered within the stated time, otherwise great product”, as people are confusing a review of the product, with a review of the delivery. It’s the same when people have had a bad experience with a particular seller, often on Amazon there are various sellers for one product, so when someone has a bad experience with one seller, and leaves a scathing review with 1 star – they’ve left the review in the wrong place, as that’s not a product review.

Anyway I digress. Going back to the mug, I really like it, and I’m going to buy a few more – so when I’m making cappuccinos for the kids, or my mum, or anyone else who visits who likes coffee, I don’t have to give them their coffee in a mug the size of a bath ;-).

latte art cappuccino


Update: Check this out, probably the best latte art I’ve ever done!! It’s not great, and I have to be honest and say I’m not quite sure what it is, a tulip maybe, but it’s the best I’ve managed so far, and it’s better than the blob I did earlier.

Again this is in my new Judge Red Cappuccino Cup, using the Le Xpress frother.

I think the difference this time is that I used fresh batteries in the frother, and I frothed the milk in a mug then poured it into the metal milk jug rather than frothing it in the jug.

I find the batteries in the frother wear down very quickly (Duracell too so not cheapo ones), and it makes much better foam when the batteries are new. It seems far more aggressive the first couple of times I use it after swapping the batteries, and then becomes a bit lackluster.

The reason I poured it after frothing this time is I usually find that most of the foam comes out at the end (even after frantic whirling) which is why I end up with nothing but a blob, and I thought pouring into the jug after foaming it in a mug may help to better mix it.

Anyway I’m happy with that! 🙂

Update 03/04/2106 

I’m now getting better with my latte art thanks to having my new toy, a used Gaggia classic espresso machine, and these cappuccino cups are perfect for the machine due to being short and wide.

Check this out:

Latte Art - I did that!

I did that! It’s a long way from the blobs and abstract shapes I was making only a few weeks ago!



OK I’m not a professional Barista, but I’m getting better – I’m no longer pouring blobs! 😉

These cups are the perfect size for cappuccino and flat white in my opinion. I do have one of the white Costa cups that I was given as a birthday present, and they’re huge – when I make a coffee in that I’m not sure whether to drink it or dive in and do back stroke!

I’ve got some of the judgedouble walled glass latte cups now too,  which I also really like. I’ll share them in another post.




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