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I blog about coffee simply because I’m passionate about coffee, the blog isn’t about making money – if I’d wanted a money making blog, I’d have picked a much more lucrative topic.

It does cost to run a website though – hosting, the pro theme, tweaks which require paying a coder; not to mention all of my trips to coffee shops, and all of the coffee I have to buy ;-). So where there is an opportunity to cover some of my costs or even one day make a profit, I certainly won’t turn that down.

What this does not mean, is that I would ever create a post solely for the hope of earning a commission, nor would I bend my true opinions on any product or service or anything else for the sake of a commission. If I am writing about a product, and I’m linking to it anyway, I will simply look to see if the product is available on eBay or Amazon, if it is, then I’ll use my affiliate link, if it isn’t then I’ll still link to the product.

Also, some of the products I review may have been sent to me free of charge in order for me to review. This isn’t always the case of course, I buy many of the products I review, but I’m always happy to honestly review products that have been sent to me. I would never consider changing my true opinion of a product in order to please the company who sent me the free product in the hope that they may send me more – I would rather be living in a cardboard box than resort to that!