A Coffee Subscription With a Personal Twist – Eight Point Nine Coffee Review.

eight point nine coffee subscription reviewBlending coffee beans are something which enables roasters to create unlimited taste profiles, the same way as wine makers do by blending grapes. You’re probably familiar with blends of coffee beans, but here’s a question for you, have you thought of creating your own blend?

I hadn’t thought of this personally, I really enjoy trying different coffee beans including blends, but the thought of creating my own blend hadn’t crossed my mind until I got an email from Eight Point Nine Coffee. This is a coffee firm who have created a coffee subscription (although you can order as a one off, or as a gift) with bespoke, personalised coffee blends based on the customer’s individual taste profile requirements!

They invited me to try out their system, create my own blend & see what I think of the service and the coffee, so of course I accepted.

Just to point out, I didn’t pay for the coffee that Eight Point Nine sent to me, but this doesn’t in any way effect this review, if I was to be bought it would take more than three bags of coffee… four at least! 😉

Website, and coffee subscription sign up

So, I went to their website eightpointnine.com, and I went straight to “create my blend”. I was then presented with their online blend personalisation app, which looks like this:


Eight Point Nine Coffee, Personalised Blends.

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It’s really simple to use, and a genius Idea I think. You select the flavour with the slider, from fruity to spicy, and then you adjust the intensity from light to rich.

And then, a feature which I think is great, you name your own blend, and the coffee comes labelled up with your own unique blend name!

The first part was easy, I just set the slider for the taste profile I wanted with each blend.

I created three blends, a light and fruity blend which I called Berry Nice, a spicy and rich one at the other end of the scale called Caffeine Bomb, and one in the middle called Coffee McCoffeeFace … obviously ;-).

On the next page, I selected what brewing method I was using, and then selected ground or whole bean (I always go for whole bean, as I grind my own). I was then asked what my favourite way to drink coffee was, Americano, Espresso, Latte etc., and finally I entered the name for my blend, (which then showed on the preview image).

When you’ve selected your blend and chosen the other options, you’re offered a subscription – but if you do only want the one bag, whether it’s for you or as a gift, you can tick the “buying as a gift” option – but keep in mind that that 50% discount coupon they have offered to coffeeblog readers, which I’ll share shortly, is for the coffee subscription only.


It’s £8.95 per 250g bag including delivery, so it’s not the cheapest. That being said, this is the only option that I’m aware of, when it comes to creating your own blend, so it’s difficult to compare apples with apples. It may well be that there are increased costs associated with making personalised blends.

Subscription service

You can select to receive a 250g bag weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

You don’t have to subscribe, as I mentioned earlier you can just buy a one off bag. If you do subscribe, the subscription is flexible –  you can log in to your account and choose to pause, re-schedule or cancel your subscription at any time.

What I like about their subscription service, is the lack of commitment, and the flexibility. I think this is really important when it comes to buying something by subscription. I want to be able to pause for whatever reason, for as long as I want, or reschedule a delivery, or cancel it all together if I feel like it, without any messing about – and this is how it is with eight point nine, which is great.

There is no commitment, you’re not committing to order a number of bags of coffee, or anything along these lines, and there are no hoops to jump through if you need to stop or pause the subscription, you can do it online at the click of a mouse.

The Coffee

A couple of days later, look what turned up:

Eight Point Nine Coffee Blends.

As promised, Berry nice was a fruity, light coffee. Coffee McCoffeeface was less acidic and sweeter, and had more body – and Caffeine Bomb was a spicy full bodied wake up coffee, which is exactly what I was after.

By the way I named caffeine bomb after the song by one of the best rock bands in the world, The Wildheartsclick here to listen turn it up full 🙂

They blend using beans from Minas Gerais in Brazil, Santander department Columbia, Naranjo Costa Rica, Acatenango Guatemala, Nyeri Kenya &  Sumatran Mandheling.

There is currently no info on their website about specifically which farm each bean is from, which is something I really like to know when I’m buying coffee, so this is something I would like to see. There also isn’t any details about the varietal being used for the blend, which is something else I would personally prefer to see as a customer.


I think eight point nine have come up with a really nice and interesting (and unique as far as I’m aware) concept, and I think their website has been very well done, and provides a great user experience all the way through.

The process of choosing your blend and all of the associated options is really slick, they’ve obviously put a lot of thought into it. The subscription itself is really easy to manage online, there’s no commitment, there’s no hassle, all good. The resulting coffee is perfect when it comes to what I was expecting from each blend, I very much enjoyed it. It was delivered very quickly, and all very nicely packaged. I think it’s a great idea, and I’d like to try some other blends.


Eight Point Nine have very kindly offered a 50% discount on the first bag for coffeeblog readers. Just enter the code coffeeblog16 at checkout. Please note that this discount code applies only to the subscription, and not to one off purchases.

In order to apply the coupon, as per the screen grab below, click “click here to enter your code” then paste in the code coffeeblog16, and hit “apply coupon’.

eight point nine discount code voucher

How to enter your coupon code



For more information see eightpointnine.com

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