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I have been aware of Nespresso machines for years, but it’s only recently that I’ve began to see them as another brewing method for proper coffee, which lead me to wonder which might be the best Nespresso machine to go for, since there seemed to be lots of options. I decided to do my own list mainly because I didn’t fancy paying for a which subscription just to read some reviews, and while there are “best lists” which include Nespresso machines alongside other machines, I struggled to find a list purely for Nespresso machines, which highlighted the main differences.

If you are trying to decide whether to go for a Nespresso machine or an espresso machine, or a Tassimo machine for instance, then the expert reviews list of the best coffee machines of 2017 may be worth a read, or the independent 10 best capsule coffee machines. If you’re already decided on Nespresso / Nespresso compatibles however, and if you want to see all of the different available Nespresso machines on one page along with the differences, so that you can work out which might be the best nespresso machine to go for, then this post is for you.

Nespresso Machines for Speciality Coffee?

In the past I thought of Nespresso machines purely as mainstream commodity coffee machines for the masses, so as a speciality coffee lover this isn’t something that appeals. But thanks to compatible capsules being offered by an increasing number of sources including some small batch roasters, Nespresso machines are another great and convenient coffee brewing method for speciality coffee enthusiasts.

So I’m looking for the best Nespresso machine. When I say best, what is best for me isn’t necessarily going to be the same for you, as we all have different preferences, so as I’m going along I will try my best to point out everything that could be a plus or a minus, so you can work out for your self which machine might be better for your preferences. I’m including all of the mainstream Nespresso and compatible Nespresso machines.

The main machines that Nespresso advertise are Magimix, Krups, De’Longhi, Sage & kitchenaid. There are also the Dualit machines which look really interesting, but which aren’t offered by Nespresso. 

Magimix & Krups & De’Longhi

Magimix  and Krups offer the same range of Nespresso machines when it comes to model names, but some have a slightly different design. As far as I can see, both these brands are made by the Swiss firm Eugster/Frismag, so I think the only difference between the machines are minor aesthetic differences. De’Longhi also offer the Inissia & the Expert, along with their Lattissima & Lattissima Pro.

Some of the features that are the same throughout, are the fast 25 second heat up time (except for the Sage Creatista which is 10 seconds, and Creatista plus 3 seconds!!)  thermoblock heater, 19 bars of pressure, fold away drip tray & auto power off. The main difference from one model to the next are size and design differences, water tank size, used capsule container size, and other more advanced features.

All the official Nespresso branded machines also come with the Nespresso backed 3 year warranty too. All the Nespresso machines are available on their own or with the Aeroccino milk frother for an extra £50, except the machines which come with integrated milk texturing. 


 Krups Essenza Mini

Krups Essenza Coffee Machine. Best Nespresso Machine 2017?


Dimensions: 20.5 cm tall x 8.5 cm wide  x 38.5 cm deep.
Capsule container: Up to 6 capsules
Automatic and programmable coffee volume 
Removable water tank, 0.6l
Automatic Power Off Mode after 9 min 
Highest energy class: A Class
Fast heat up time: 25 seconds
Folding drip tray for Latte Macchiato glass
19 bar pressure
Thermoblock heater

Magimix Essenza Mini

Essenza by Magimix. Best Nespresso Machine 2017?


Same as above, but different shape and dimensions. Same height, slightly wider and not quite as deep.

20.5cm tall x 11cm wide x 32.5 cm deep. 

The RRP of both Essenza mini machines is £89.99, or with Aeroccino £139.99 – but shop around and you will find various offers. 




Krups Inissia

Inissia by Krups. Best Nespresso Machine 2017?



Dimensions: 23cm tall x 12cm wide x 32.1cm deep
Capsule container: Up to 10 capsules
Automatic and programmable coffee volume 
Removable water tank, 0.7l
Automatic Power Off Mode after 9 min (programmable for 30 min)
Flow Stop: 2 programmable buttons for Espresso and Lungo preparation
Highest energy class: A Class
Fast heat up time: 25 seconds
Folding drip tray for Latte Macchiato glass

Magimix Inissia

Inissia by Magamix. Best Nespresso Machine 2017?


As above. The Inissia machines have slightly bigger water tanks and empty pod capacity than the Essenza mini.

The Inissia Nespresso machines are a compact machine, with a 0.7ml water tank, heat up in 25 seconds, auto power down after 9 mins.

They’re offered branded by Krups, Magimix and De’Longhi, but they’re identical when it comes to features, and almost identical in looks. 

The RRP of the Inissia machines is £89.99, and with Aeroccino £139.99 

They all have the same RRP,  but they can all often be found on offer either alone or with Aeroccino, so I would take advantage of the fact that there are three companies competing to sell this same machines, and look for offers, go for whichever machine you can find with the best offer. The best offers I’ve seen are around £75 or £99 with Aeroccino


De’Longhi Inissia

Best Nespresso Machine 2017?



As above.

Overall the Inissia has a very good rating on Amazon, click here to read the reviews, 4.6 out of 5. 

There are virtually no design or aesthetic differences between the Krups, De’Longhi or Magmix versions of this Nespresso machine, it’s almost just a case of a different brand label. I say almost, because there is a slightly different spout spout cover thing on the Krups than on the Magmix, which is the case with all models except the Expert which seem to have no differences at all other than the label.



Krups U

Nespresso U by Krups


One touch controls with
3 different pre-set cup sizes for:
– Ristretto (25ml)
– Espresso (40ml)
– Lungo (110ml)
0.7L removable water tank
Heating time: 25-30s
Auto ejection of used capsules,
Used capsule container:  up to 10
Moveable cup support for milk recipes
Dimensions: 25.2 cm tall x 11.5 cm wide x 36.9cm deep

Magimix U

Nespresso U by Magimix


As above. 

The RRP is £129.99, or £179 with Aeroccino, but always check Amazon offers, as you will nearly always find that at least some of the Nespresso machines are on offer. 

Again, only very slight aesthetic differences between the Krups and Magimix versions.





Krups Pixie

Nespresso Pixie by Krups



Dimensions 32.6 cm tall x 11.1 cm wide x 23.5 cm deep
Used capsules container capacity: up to 10
Empty water tank detection
Water tank capacity: 0.7 Litre
Heat up time: 25 seconds
Automatic shut off after 9 mn, programmable


Magimix Pixie

Nespresso Pixie by Krups


As above. 

The RRP is £139.99, or £189.99 with  Aeroccino, but again the beauty of there being identical Nespresso machines offered by two different brands is that thanks to the competition, you’ll be able to find offers, especially on Amazon, where I’ve seen the pixie for as low as £65.

The only noticeable difference between the two is the spout cover, and slightly different side panels, the Magimix side panels have a small diamond shape pattern while the Krups has horizontal grooves. I think I prefer the side panels of the Krups in this instance, but if one were on offer for less than the others I wouldn’t pay extra just for a slightly different look, as design isn’t all that important to me. 


Krups Citiz

Nespresso Citiz by Krups.

I have the been using the (Magimix) Citiz for a couple of weeks, so I can give a more personal review of this machine, my goal over time being to use most of the Nespresso machines so I can give my personal views on each. 


Dimensions: 37.2cm tall, 13 cm wide, 27.8 cm deep. 
Used capsules container capacity: up to 11
Empty water tank detection
Water tank capacity: 1 Litre
Heat up time: 25 seconds
Automatic shut off after 9 mins, programmable
Red Dot Award Winning Design

RRP: £159.99 or £209.99 with Aeroccino. Best deal I’ve seen is £149.99 bundled with Aeroccino, or £120 on its own – on Amazon, of course, where I buy just about everything 😉 I have Amazon prime, which I use mainly for the free delivery, I have the Amazon fire stick too so it comes in handy for watching Amazon originals series such as the new Top Gear, and the new series “American Gods”, which I’ve just started watching, and seems good so far. Need something to watch while waiting for the next series of Game of Thrones!

Magimix Citiz

Nespresso Citiz by Magimix.


As above. 

This is the first Nespresso machine I’ve used, and I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, mainly with compatible pods

The really great thing about this machine to begin with is the narrow footprint, which allows it to slide into a small space in my kitchen which is already full of other coffee brewers, so that came in handy. The water tank is very easy to get to in order to take it off to fill and put it back, and I can do this without having to remove the machine, which is very convenient, I just grab it and then slap it back in, no messing about.

Heats up in 25 seconds as with most, and it is very fast when it comes to pumping out coffee. The used pods are expelled into the pods container when you lift up the handle to put your next pod in. I really like the design of this machine, the way the cup tray folds up allowing you to put a larger mug onto the drip tray, and the really slick way everything works including the cup tray being connected to the pods container. All the silver bits on the machine are metal, not plastic, which gives it a very high quality feel. 

Press either of the two buttons to turn it on, and press both together to turn off the machine. Auto off after 9 minutes, but you can program that if you want to change it. 

I really like this machine, it’s very compact, looks great, very fast warm up, and great performance when it comes to making coffees. 

If I wanted to nit pick, I could recall the two instances in the past 2 weeks when the machine has done something that wasn’t 100% perfect. The first was one time I turned the machine on, it started pumping coffee out as soon as it had warmed up, so I had to quickly grab  a cup ;-). I assume there is some feature here which I accidentally engaged. The only other thing I can recall happening is that the pods container which hold the cup, slid out once while coffee was being made, and I had to slide it back in – but I’m assuming that was user error, and I’d not put the container back in properly. 

I’ve not yet tried the other Nespresso machines, so I can’t compare, but I’m very impressed with this little smart looking machine for the price tag, and I would recommend this nespresso machine. 


Krups Prodigio

Nespresso Prodigio by Krups.


Dimensions: 25.5cm tall, 12 cm wide, 37.4 cm deep. 
Used capsules container capacity: up to 19
Empty water tank detection
Connectivity to bluetooth app with remote control, capsule store management, aftercare alerts, water hardness setting & coffee programming.
3 pre-set cup sizes: ​ristretto, espresso, lungo​
Automatic empty pod ejection
Descaling alarm
Water tank capacity: 0.8 Litre
Heat up time: 25 seconds
Automatic shut off after 9 mins, programmable


Magimix Prodigio

Nespresso Prodigio by Magimix.


As above. 

The prodigio is smart phone connected Nespresso machine, via a blue tooth app, which I think is the main feature that this machine has over the other models of machine discussed so far. 

In addition to this, there are other additional features including descaling alert, auto pod ejection, and a larger capacity used pod container which fits up to 19. 

I’m interested by the remote element. I realise that there’s no app that can get a cup out of the cupboard and put it in place for me (yet ;-)), and I’m not sure I like the idea of putting a cup there the night before, for dust and spiders and who knows what to crawl in ready to find floating in my coffee ;-), but there are potential very helpful features to this including alerts, capsule stock management and programming, so I find it interesting at least. 

RRP is £169.99 or £219.99 with Aeroccino, but as with all of them, you can usually find an offer. I can see that they’re currently available here from £129.99 or £169.99 with Aeroccino. 


Krups Expert

Nespresso Expert by Krups.


Dimensions: 22.3 cm tall x 28.7cm wide x 38.05cm deep. 
Flat to wall design, with water tank on the side.
High speed hot water
Three water temperature settings
Programmable one touch bottons
Magnetic cup stand
Four pre-set cup sizes,: Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Americano.
Connectivity to bluetooth app with remote control, capsule store management, aftercare alerts, water hardness setting & coffee programming.
Used capsules container capacity: up to 12
Water tank capacity: 1.1 Litre


Magimix Expert

Nespresso Expert by Magimix



As above

I like the look of this machine more than the prodigio I have to say, in terms of some of the features and the design. It comes with the app and blue tooth connection as the prodigio, but the heat settings and the additional Americano cup setting seems like a plan. Although, it’s £80 more, and you can make Americano (or long black depending on which you ad first, water or coffee) on any of the machines. 

RRP is £249.99, or £299.99 with Aeroccino, although there’s an offer here at the moment which saves a bit of RRP.


De’Longhi Expert

Nespresso Expert by DeLonghi


Again the De’Longi is the same machine just with a different label, and another opportunity to find an offer – in fact at the moment the best offer I can see is for the De’Longhi version.

This machine has only just been released, so there aren’t many user reviews on Amazon as yet to link to, although interestingly the only two reviews I can see so far are one 5 star review, and one 1 star review, so one extreme to the other. The 1 star review appears to be a faulty machine though, and this can happen with any electrical device, they come with the full Nespresso warranty so I’m sure this customer will be sorted out, at which point they may edit that review as they did mention that it was great while it was working.


Magimix Maestria

Nespresso Maestria by Magimix



Dimensions: 30.5 cm tall x 17 cm wide x 39.7 cm deep.
Steam arm for milk frothing.
Automatic quantity control with 5 cup size settings.
Pivoting cup stand
Used capsules container capacity: up to 14
Water tank capacity: 1.4 Litre

 This machine looks to me like a hybrid between a Nespresso machine and an Espresso machine, with the steam wand instead of the more familiar aeroccino. 

RRP is £349.99 but there is an offer here currently for £229.95 with free delivery. 


De’Longhi Lattissima Touch

Nespresso Lattissma Touch by De'Longhi



Dimensions: 32 cm tall x 17.3 cm wide x 25.8 cm deep. 
Integrated milk steaming creating instant cappuccinos & Lattes. 
Manual froth level settings
Six tactile beverage buttons to choose your favourite coffee drink; ristretto, cappuccino, latte, espresso, long, hot milk
Personalised drink option to memorise amount of coffee and milk required for your favourite drink 
Water tank capacity: 1 Litre
Milk tank capacity: 0.35 Litre

This is a very interesting machine if you like your Latte Macchiatos & Cappuccinos. It steams milk to 65C, and froths it based on how frothy you have selected your textured milk to be, and does it all for you at the touch of the button. 

As to be expected with a machine like this, there’s a bit more to it than with the other Nespresso machines, and I’ve read that it can take a little bit of learning – in other words you may actually have to read the instructions ;-), which is something I very rarely do. 

I’ve read that the touch buttons are very sensitive so you need to watch that you don’t accidentally press the wrong button and get the wrong coffee, and there are a few other idiosyncrasies reported by users, but most seem to love it, 4.5 star rating on Amazon from 278 reviews

The one thing I think worth mentioning  is that you will need to clean out the steamer after each use. I’ve seen some users suggesting that although the machine alerts you after each use of the milk steamer, that it needs cleaning (which requires the user to press and hold a button), that you don’t really need to clean it after each use. This is bad advice, and it explains why there are comments saying that the machine stinks after a few months use… If you don’t put it through the cleaning cycle after each milk usage, you’re going to end up with sour milk in the pipes, and that smell is almost impossible to get rid of! So if you do go for this machine, or any other machine with a milk frother or steam wand, make sure you keep it clean. 

RRP is £279.99, but there are offers here from £199.


De’Longhi Lattissima Plus

Nespresso Lattisma Plus by De'Longhi.


As far as I can see this is almost the same machine as the Lattissima touch, only with push buttons instead of the touch buttons, and four different drink options instead of 6.

It’s has a slightly lower RRP of £249.99, and it’s available here from £175.

I’m going to contact De’Longhi and ask them to confirm the difference, but if that is all the difference then from £175 this would seem like a bargain to me. 

Again just keep in mind that any machine including hot milk is going to take some user effort when it comes to cleaning. Even the Aeroccinos need cleaning after each use, or they get manky.


 In addition to the Krups, Magmix and De’Longhi machines, there are also:

Sage Creatista

Nespresso Creatista by Sage.


Dimensions: 30.8 cm tall x 17.1 cm wide x 39.3 cm deep. 
Super fast 10 second heat up time.
Pre Programmed: Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Capuccino, Latte, Flat White, Latte Macchiato & Milk Setting Perfect for Hot Chocolate All of which can be adjusted and personalised by strength, when using milk, texture and temperature settings
Automatic Temp Adjustable Steam Wand which creates hands free Café quality textured milk, perfect for silky smooth Latte art.
Three milk temperature settings
Four auto frothing texture settings
Adjustable Coffee Volumes
Auto Clean Programmes
Water tank capacity: 1.5 Litre

I am keen on Sage appliances, I reviewed their benchmark Espresso machine Sage the Oracle about 18 months ago, and that machine was incredible, very intelligent. I since bought the Sage Smart grinder pro and have been using that for over a year now, another brilliant machine, for a very reasonable price.

I would be far more interested in the Creatista than I would be in the Lattissima, simply because the Creatista textures the milk via a steam wand, so cleaning is just a case of giving the wand a quick purge (a blast of steam) and a wipe after use, and it’s done into a milk jug meaning you can attempt Latte art. Just beware though, pouring latte art can get very frustrating and addictive! ;-).

The RRP of the Creatista is £399. I can’t actually see any offers at the moment for the Creatista, but knowing how high quality and well designed Sage appliances are, I would expect this machine to be well worth the investment. Sage are great when it comes to aftersales support too, I had to call them once about my smart grinder pro, and the support guys were very good. 

Sage Creatista Plus  

Nespresso Creatista by Sage.


As above, plus:

Refined brushed stainless steel finish.
INSANE 3 second heat up time… how?
Eleven milk temperature settings vs three.

The Creatista pro has a RRP of £449.95, so it isn’t within everyone’s price range, but still it’s not over the top if you compare it to bean to cup machines, and it’s at the very lowest end of the prosumer espresso machine price range. At only £50 more than the creatista, personally I’d be going for this one just for the faster warm up time, but that’s just me.

Kitchen Aid

Nespresso Kitchen Aid.


Dimensions: 32.8 cm tall x 19.5 cm wide x 31.2 cm deep.
Used capsules container capacity: up to 14
Water tank capacity: 1.4 Litre
Six pre-programmed cup sizes
Manual arm & auto brew buttons.
25 second heat up time. 

This looks to be a stylish and well built machine, at 8.9 Kilos it’s one of the heaviest Nespresso machines, which would indicate a heavy duty piece of kit. 

I’m a bit confused about the RRP of this machine, as it’s listed at £309 on the Nespresso website here, for the Almond cream colour only, or £359 for the red machine with Aeroccino, but the cheapest I can see it for here on Amazon at the moment is £403, which seems a bit odd. 

Dualit Lusso

Dualit Lusso.


Size: 23.2 cm tall x 12 cm wide x 23.3 cm deep
Adjustable nozzle – to fit your favourite mug
Compatible with Dualit & Nespresso Coffee Capsules and Fine Tea Capsules 
One Touch Technology
Water tank size: 800ml
20 bar pump
Used capsule capacity – 15 capsules
Precise, automatic dose control
Programmable dosing memory recalls your favourite cup size
Auto off after 9 minutes
Removable water filter
Infuse Plus technology for the best flavour extraction

Used capsule capacity – 15 capsules
60 second heat up time. 

RRP: £159.95, recently discontinued, but some still available at a discounted price here.

This machine is very interesting for the price! It’s available currently for under £130, and it has some serious features. The only thing that stands out as a negative is a 60 second heat up time, but 60 seconds is very fast, it’s just that by this far in this post we’re so used to seeing 25 seconds, and then 10 seconds or even 3 seconds with the sage Nespresso machines, that our expectations have been raised to such a high level!

The 20 bars of pressure is interesting, 19 bar is 5 bar higher than Espresso, and I wonder does an extra bar produce a different result in terms of extraction than the other machines? I don’t know as I’ve not tried it, but it’s interesting. I think it’s a shame it’s been discontinued as it looks like a serious machine.

Dualit Cafe Plus

Dualit Cafe Plus.


As above, plus:

Descale warning light and descaling program
40 second heat up time
Teavolution™; dedicated tea function with temperature boost
19 bar pump
Auto switch-off after ten minutes

I’m not sure why this machine has 19 bar instead of 20 as per the Duali Lusso which has now been discontinued and had 20 bar. There must be a reason, I’ll try to find out. 

RRP: £149.99 but on offer from £115 here


Dualit Cafe Cino

Dualit Cafe Cino


Dimensions: 25cm tall x 18 cm wide (not including milk jug) x 37cm deep.

Water tank: 800ml

40 second warm up time
Auto switch-off after ten minutes
Built in milk frother with jug (air volume 500ml)
Precise, automatic dose control
Programmable dosing memory
Ultra-fast thermobloc heating system (water heating on demand)
Dedicated espresso, lungo, cappuccino and latte settings
Teavolution™; dedicated tea function with temperature boost
Cold, frothed milk option for milkshakes
Temperature boost option for frothed milk
Descale warning light and descaling program

This is a similar idea to the Latissima by the looks of it. One thing I do think is a very interesting feature though is the cold frothed milk option for milk shakes. 

RRP: £199.98 which seems like a bargain for a a machine like this with milk.


Dualit Classic

Dualit Classic


Dimensions: 26cm tall x 19 cm wide x 34cm deep. 
20 bar pump 
1.2 litre removable water tank
Illuminated power and function buttons
Compatible with Dualit Coffee & Dualit Fine Tea Capsules & Nespresso coffee capsules
High quality, stainless steel body
Precise, automatic dose control
Programmable dosing memory recalls your favourite cup size
Descale warning light and descale programme
Removable drip tray with 300ml capacity
Adjustable cup shelf to accommodate larger cups and mugs
Auto-start feature; pre-select your dose for automatic dispensing while the machine heats up

I can’t tell you the heat up time with this machine as they don’t seem to publish this info, maybe it’s a surprise? They also don’t seem to publish the info ref how many used capsules the container holds, it looks like it can hold quite a few but I can’t seem to find this info. Maybe I should have gone to specsavers. 

I like the look of this machine, it looks very much like a prosumer or commercial single group espresso machine, it even looks like an E61 grouphead! 

I like the big drip tray, and what looks like a hefty used pod drawer, the big water tank, and the stainless steel finish. That appears to be a cup warmer on the top or at least a cup holder with the side rails, but again this information isn’t offered, come on Dualit who wrote your sales copy, if you need a better copywriter drop me an email :-). 

RRP: £250 – and it’s on offer here.  Well this looks like a heck of a lot more than a £250 machine, I have to say. I don’t know what the warm up time is, but I’m not bothered, it’s probably 40 seconds, even if it’s a minute or so – that’s still fast, my Espresso machine takes a good 20 mins to be properly ready.  

Conclusion: So, which is the best Nespresso machine in 2017?

No idea…

I’m confused, I want them all – but I would need a much bigger kitchen. 

Joking apart, it just depends on you, your budget and what is most important in terms of how you like your coffee. If your budget is tight, or if you are tight, or both ;-), then just go for one of the cheaper models, they’re all very good in terms of features, and they all come with a decent manufactures warranty. If you’re a bit more serious about your coffee and you want to invest a bit more, then have a good look at all of the other machines, even if you go for the most expensive Nespresso machine available you’ll still be getting a bargain when compared to the cost of prosumer espresso machines. 

I think there is something for everyone here. For example I like trying (and the emphasis is on trying…) to do latte art, and my favourite milk drink is flat white, so my most obvious choice would be the Creatista,  creatista plus or Magimix Maestria. At the moment I use the Citiz, but I use the steam wand on my espresso machine to froth the milk, so with the Sage machines I’d be able to do the same all with one machine. 

If you’re wondering, as I am, why Nespresso machines are so much cheaper than the prosumer Espresso machines, there appears to be many reasons. One is that there is little or no profit made on the Nespresso machines, as far as I can see, as all of the focus is on the pods, similar to the printer market with all the focus being on selling the printer in order to sell the cartridges. The other is probably that they’re made in such vast quantities that they can be made cheaper.

Life is like a box of chocolates, so follow me on Twitter, and that’s all I have to say about that.



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