Blue coffee box.
I’m a fan of coffee subscription services, I think they really work – both for the roaster and for the customer. All the subscriptions I’m currently a customer of, are roasters themselves. There’s another coffee subscription model, though, which is the multi-roaster subscription. This is where a third party delivers coffee to their customers from various coffee roasters. This kind […]

Blue Coffee Box Subscription Review

La Pavoni Europiccola
I have just become the owner of a La Pavoni Europiccola Lever Espresso machine, so naturally, I’m sharing my experience of this machine with you. I don’t really want to call this a “review” – as this machine has been on the planet for nearly 20 years longer than I have ;-), it’s a very, very tried and tested machine, and […]

La Pavoni Europiccola – My Latest Espresso Machine & What ...

This is a guest post from Matt Meinzer, Editor of 1. Drink fresher coffee The enemy of good coffee beans is time — and exposure to light, air, and moisture.Storing your coffee in a good container can definitely help. But even stored properly, your coffee will almost always taste best within a few weeks of being roasted.Next time you buy coffee, […]

5 Ways to Up Your Coffee Game

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the UK Biscotti producer Great British Biscotti Co, to ask if I’d like to try some of their Biscotti – and my answer, of course, was yes send me a truck full of the lovely things ;-). Joking apart, I suggested – only partially as an excuse to eat a shed load of […]

The Great British Biscotti Coffee Dunking Experiment.

Best coffee subscriptions UK.
There are an increasing number of coffee roasters now in the UK, in fact on my list of UK coffee roasters there are around 400 coffee roasteries, and that number is constantly growing. The subscription model lends itself particularly well to coffee, both from the perspective of the coffee lover and the coffee roaster, so it’s no surprise that there […]

4 Best Coffee Subscription Services in the UK

Cappuccino with ROK espresso maker
ROK or “The ROK” as some refer to it as, may look like a giant bottle opener, and may sound like a movie starring Nicolas Cage & Sean Connery – but it’s actually a manual Espresso maker, from UK firm Presso Ltd. As I’ve mentioned in other posts such as best coffee makers, there are a number of coffee makers […]

ROK Espresso Maker Review

Best coffee maker.
In this post I’m attempting to help you to discover which is the best coffee maker for you, for home, for in the office & for when you’re out and about. I’m going to be talking about the various different types of both manual coffee makers, and electric coffee makers. I say ‘for you’, because we’re all different, and I […]

Best Coffee Maker For Home / Office. Which is Best ...

Nespresso Creatista by Sage.
How to use a Nespresso machine – this may seem to be obvious, you just stick the pod in and press the button? Well yes, if you’re a typical everyday coffee drinker and you’re not interested in fine-tuning to get the very best tasting coffee you possibly can from your Nespresso machine. But if you want to know how to REALLY […]

How to use a Nespresso Machine – Throw The Instructions ...

Rocket R58 Espresso Machine.
Until a couple of years ago, I only brewed coffee at home with manual brewers, and I chose to enjoy Espresso only at coffee shops. I didn’t think it was reasonable to expect to be able to make great espresso as a novice home Barista using inexpensive Espresso machines – and I just couldn’t justify the investment in a prosumer […]

Espresso Machines Reviews 2018

Nespresso vs espresso
I use a Nespresso Machine and an Espresso machine. I’ve had my Espresso machine for a couple of years, and I got my first Nespresso machine sometime last year, when I discovered that there were an increasing number of sources of compatible Nespresso pods, including some UK roasters. I love Espresso, and I also very much enjoy Nespresso coffee, I […]

Nespresso Vs Espresso

How to start a blog.
Nearly all of my blog posts are about coffee, obviously ;-). This one is on a slightly different topic, it’s a quick and simple guide on how to start a blog, for anyone who has thought about starting blogging themselves. As always, I’m drinking coffee while I’m blogging, and the post is about blogging, so I suppose it’s not that […]

How to Start a Blog, Quick & Simple Guide.

This is a guest post by Lisa Brown from Ekuep, with 10 steps to brewing better coffee.  For most of us, coffee is something we begin our day with, and then continue to fill ourselves with more doses throughout the day. While some people don’t really care about how it tastes, others are passionate about it and can’t seem to compromise […]

10 Steps to Become a Better Coffee Brewer

Bulletproof Coffee
This is a guest post by blogger Ashley Lipman, with some information and tips on Bulletproof coffee.  It is the latest trend in super-coffee. Bulletproof coffee is making its way across the world. This coffee with only 2 ingredients added will give you energy, focus, take away hunger for hours, make your skin glow, and your hair shine. Best of […]

What’s The Deal With Bulletproof Coffee?

Coffee Helps You Work Out.
This is a guest post from about how coffee can help boost performance while working out. By the way, in case you’re wondering – guest posts are completely free, this isn’t a commercial blog, I don’t take any payment for posts etc., if you’re in the coffee industry and you have something to say that you think coffeeblog readers […]

How Coffee Helps You Workout

Northern coffee adventure.
Northern railway contacted me recently to ask me if I’d be interested in joining them for a coffee adventure. My answer, of course, was “you had me at coffee”, and on Sunday I met up with a bunch of very pleasant folk at Manchester Victoria. Northern had planned what they called their “Northern Coffee Adventure“, which was a trip from Manchester […]

On The Right Tracks for a Northern Coffee Adventure

This guest post from Beanmachines, is an expert guide for anyone thinking of opening a café, to help to understand which kind of commercial coffee machine is going to be the right choice for their business. Anyone who is in the planning stages of creating a coffee shop or any business which includes the sale of coffee, will know how much […]

The Best Type of Commercial Coffee Machine for Your Café?

Coffeee Infographic.
This is an interesting and pretty coffee infographic from Aqua Cure. It certainly makes sense that the quality of the water and the milk is of high importance along with, of course, the quality and freshness of the coffee.    The point about coffee being the no1 source of antioxidants in the western diet is an amazing one. I’ve read […]

The Anatomy of the Perfect Coffee

This is a review of the Morphy Richards Accents espresso machine and a comparison of this coffee machine vs. the Gaggia Classic espresso machine that I usually use. I’ve recently returned home from a week on holiday with my wife and kids in the beautiful St Agnes in west Cornwall. To my delight, I noticed when we were looking through the photos […]

Morphy Richards Accents Espresso Machine Review

Coffee Roasting Infographic. 1
Fancy taking a crack at roasting coffee? This is a guest post and coffee infographic from about the various stages of coffee roasting. Sometimes it can be very difficult to roast coffee beans the way you want them. But, if you know best temperature to roast at, you have a much better chance to get what you want! The Infographic […]

Coffee Bean Roasting Guidelines Infographic

Strasbourg. 1
This is a guest post about the best cities in the world for coffee lovers, by Gregory Tumlin, Editor of AGreatCoffee A trip to any new city is often exciting, but when you’re a caffeine addict, your first instinct will be to find the nearest coffee shop to satisfy your cravings.   Here are the best cities where you will fit […]

20 Best Cities in the World for Coffee Lovers

Can Coffee Influence Business Deals?
This is a guest post by Chris Brown, from, about how coffee can influence business.  “We should grab a coffee some time” is a phrase that is bandied about in networking scenarios up and down the country. It’s something of a euphemism, translating to perhaps we can do business or at least start a conversation in that direction. Coffee is […]

Can coffee influence business deals?

Nespresso Maestria by Magimix
This is a very quick post to share some of the best coffee related deals available today on the 11th of July, prime deal day on Amazon. I’m sharing because there are some brilliant deals that do represent really good savings. I’ve just bought the same Bosch Lawnmower that I nearly paid £85 for yesterday, and I got it today for […]

Coffee Bargains Today on Amazon Prime Deal Day!

Latte art tips for domestic espresso machines.
In this post I’m sharing the most valuable latte art tips I’ve learned over the past 18 months of trying to figure out how the heck to pour latte art using a standard domestic / home espresso machine.  The first time I tried to pour Latte art was when I was writing the Sage Oracle review, which was Jan 2016, […]

Latte Art Tips for Domestic / Home Espresso Machine Users.

No Leaf Rust - Happy Coffee Farmer
If you love speciality coffee, as I do, then you and I have a problem. That problem is called leaf rust – AKA coffee rust, or Roya, or Hemileia vastatrix if you want to sound clever, and it’s a much bigger problem for coffee farmers than it is for us. You will have heard of this issue I’m sure, but if you’re […]

What is Leaf Rust and Why Should I Care?

Vietnam coffee. 1
This a great guest post about Vietnamese coffee by Emma Sothern, travel blogger and freelance copywriter currently based in Hoi An, Vietnam. Emma’s blog is about travelling with alopecia and the weird/wonderful experiences it can lead to.  Every country has its signature drink. In Ireland, they’ve got Guinness. In Belgium, they’ve got hot chocolate. In Scotland, they’ve got whiskey. And in […]

The art and craft of Vietnamese coffee

Sustainably grown coffee
This is a guest post by David prosser from Sustainability. For those seeking to be eco-friendly and environmentally smart, sustainability is a buzzword that reflects the need to maintain a human-ecosystem equilibrium, where what we take from the planet can be put back into the planet. This “do no harm” approach should brought into many trades, including agriculture, and […]

Why Choosing Sustainably Grown Coffee is so Important

Real Coffee Review. Compatible Nespresso Capsules. 1
This is my review of Real Coffee, after going through their ten different Nespresso compatible capsules. I’m not an affiliate of Real Coffee, I have no relationship with the company, it’s purely an honest user review after drinking my way through their range of capsules. Up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t have a Nespresso machine. I had consumed quite […]

Nespresso Compatible Capsules Review – Real Coffee.

Sage smart kettle review 4
This is my Sage smart kettle review, after just over a week of use. My family and I have been using the kettle for the past week or so, and I now feel suitably qualified to write this honest user review. Since I’m asking the question in the post title “best kettle in UK?” I think it’s going to be obvious […]

Sage Smart Kettle Review – The Best Kettle in UK?

In this post I’m exploring the best bean to cup coffee machines of 2017 – 2018, including comparisons of features and common comments from user reviews. This isn’t a “top ten” as such, I am doing it in some kind of order, it’s a combination of price (ascending) and popularity (descending). In other words, I’m starting at the lower end of […]

Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines 2018

Groundhog day 1
I’ve just spoken to a colleague, who asked me the question, “Is all coffee the same?”. This is someone who drinks coffee daily, but who admits that he’s never really given it much thought other than taking a lid off a jar and spooning it into a mug. He had heard of Robusta and Arabica, but other than that his thoughts […]

Ground(hog) Coffee. Is all Coffee the Same?

Coffee martini.
This is a guest post from Logic Vending listing their top five unusual coffee themed recipes. Top 5 Unusual Coffee Themed Recipes Coffee certainly isn’t just for drinking – it is in fact much more versatile than you might think. If you love coffee just as much as we do, then you will be happy to know that there are […]

Top 5 Unusual Coffee Themed Recipes – Guest Post.

Difference between roasts
This is a guest post from A Great Coffee, about the difference between light, medium and dark roasts.  Think about your favourite coffee type and what is written on the package, or what you order at the café. You will notice that there is a variation between the roast. This is one of the things that often has people new to […]

The Difference Between Light and Dark Roast

Try your Coffee Differently.
  Humans are creatures of habit, and many of these habits are formed when we’re kids.  As kids, most people start out with a thirst for easy drinking and sweet drinks. We drink cordials and fruit juices, fizzy drinks for a treat, hot chocolate and so on. I know this isn’t ALL kids, but I think it probably describes a big […]

Change The Habit of a Lifetime – Try Your Coffee ...

Smokey Barn Coffee Roasters
Smokey Barn are one of the few hundred UK small batch coffee roasters that are in the list of UK coffee roasters, and they’ve kindly sent me some of their lovely freshly roasted coffee beans to try! 🙂 First of all a little bit about the roastery.  Smokey Barn was founded by roaster Chris Queen, and is a small batch […]

Smokey Barn Coffee Roasters

Best bean to cup filter coffee machines
I’ve written about bean to cup coffee machines in the past, but I’ve never done a reviews post specifically about bean to cup machines, so I thought it was about time to do some research and come up with a list of info on the best bean to cup machines of 2017 – 2018. This post is about bean to […]

Best Bean to Cup Filter Coffee Machines 2017 – 2018

Nespresso Creatista by Sage.
I have been aware of Nespresso machines for years, but it’s only recently that I’ve begun to see them as another brewing method for proper coffee, which lead me to wonder which might be the best Nespresso machine to go for, since there seemed to be lots of options.  I decided to do my own list mainly because I didn’t fancy […]

Best Nespresso Machine 2018. Nespresso Machines Reviews

This is a guest post by Dripped Coffee, with an infographic on coffee addiction.  Do you ever wonder why you’re so quick to reach for the coffee pot? Is it because you love the rich aroma, the velvety taste, or is it something else? Could it be that you are reaching for the coffee pot because you’re looking for the […]

13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Caffeine – Guest Post ...

nespresso compatible pods
In this post I’m exploring the idea of Nespresso machines being an alternative brewing method for speciality coffee, via Nespresso compatible pods, and I’m sharing my very recent experience of having started to do this. Some of the discoveries I’ve made have really surprised me, and I hope it will make for an interesting read. Nespresso pods are not something […]

Nespresso Compatible Pods & Speciality Coffee?

Rage Against The Vending Machine.
The advance of technology is something we can’t prevent, and most of the time it’s a good thing, but there’s one thing that has been developing over the past few years that I don’t think is a good thing, and that is the increase of machines in retail which replace humans. It started with the self serve tills. I remember […]

Rage Against the Vending Machine. 5 Reasons to Visit a ...

Costa Express vs Mcdonalds 1
I love speciality coffee, so my first choice when it comes to enjoying coffee would be neither Costa Express or McDonalds coffee. I would much prefer to brew freshly roasted, freshly ground speciality coffee beans myself, or visit an independent speciality coffee shop. My need for coffee though, is stronger than my preference for speciality coffee, so there are times […]

Costa Express Vs McDonald’s – Which is the Best Fast ...

When I was putting the UK coffee roasters list together, I was stunned by the huge wealth of small batch roasters we have in the UK, I had no idea we had this many. There are around 400 on the list already, and it’s growing all the time.  As I was building the list, I decided I would start trying […]

Strangers Coffee Roasters

Cafe in Rome
This is a guest post by Cruise Club UK If you’re serious about both your coffee and your travel, then you’d have been there… flung into an accidental coffee cold turkey because you chose a holiday destination without a decent cup of the brown stuff. Thinking they’re helping you, someone kindly provides a sachet of instant. “No!” you scream, and fling […]

‘Bean’ There, Drunk That: A Caffeinated World Itinerary

Coffee Shop Menu
One thing I’m often asked by people who’re just in the process of discovering speciality coffee in the UK, as many people are, is about the difference between the various coffee types, for instance Americano vs. filter coffee, Latte vs. cappuccino, flat white vs. Macchiato and so on.  I’ve told the story here before about being stood behind a guy […]

Types of Coffee & the Difference Between Them

Turkish coffee cups. 2
This is a guest post by Lucy from Turkish coffee specialists, – a specialist supplier based in Turkey, who deliver directly to the UK. Turkish Coffee was discovered around 15th century by Ottomans (Former Turks), and it remains the brewing technique used by Turkish people. Main characters of Turkish coffee can be expressed as follows: Strong: It is one of the […]

Turkish Coffee – The Best Way to Prepare it and ...

Come to the dark side Luke, the coffee is better. 1
As someone who has made this transition myself over the past few years, from a ‘normal’ coffee drinker to a speciality coffee drinker, I know the difference, and the benefits. For this reason, I humungenormously recommend that this to anyone who loves coffee. Yes, that is a word by the way, well if it wasn’t it is now. Coffee Beginners? […]

Coffee Beginners – How and Why to Convert to ...

best place to buy coffee beans online.
Whether you’re a veteran speciality coffee lover, or you’re just discovering the world of gourmet coffee, there’s one thing you need – a great UK source of freshly roasted, amazing coffee beans. But where is the best place to buy coffee beans online? The first thing I would say is that the best place to buy them IS online, unless […]

Best Place to Buy Coffee Beans Online

is instant coffee bad for your health 1
If you currently drink instant coffee some of the time or all of the time, firstly I would say to you… don’t leave this blog until you’ve read at least a few posts here about speciality coffee! I believe that if you switch from instant to fresh, and from fresh pre-ground commodity coffee to freshly roasted home ground speciality coffee, your […]

Is Instant Coffee Bad for Your health?

Eight Point Nine Coffee, Personalised Blends.
Blending coffee beans are something which enables roasters to create unlimited taste profiles, the same way as wine makers do by blending grapes. You’re probably familiar with blends of coffee beans, but here’s a question for you, have you thought of creating your own blend? I hadn’t thought of this personally, I really enjoy trying different coffee beans including blends, but […]

A Coffee Subscription With a Personal Twist – Eight Point ...

Django Coffee Co Coffee Subscription.
This is a review of the coffee subscription from the UK small batch coffee roaster Django coffee co, and the coffee itself. So I’m reviewing both the product, the coffee beans, and the subscription service. Who are DJango Coffee Co? DJango coffee co are a small batch coffee roaster, based in Southport, Merseyside, about 20 miles north of Liverpool. They’re […]

Django Coffee Co Coffee Subscription Review

Baileys and Pact coffee
I’m not sure if Baileys and Pact coffee got together and said “now then, what would be the perfect Christmas gift from Kev @ coffee blog uk who just happens to love coffee, and Baileys – or whether it’s just a coincidence, but nevertheless, if any of my readers want to know what to get me, now you know ;-). […]

Baileys & Pact Coffee, Now you know what to get ...

The oomph in colour.
A while back I heard about this interesting sounding portable coffee maker called The Oomph, via a kickstarter campaign. I was one of the early backers, I put my name down early for two units, one for me and one which was given away to a competition winner. (Join my mailing list ‘Brew Time’ on the right-hand side of the page […]

The Oomph Coffee Maker Review – My New Favourite Coffee ...

Coffee Subscription Services.
A week or so ago I wrote this review of Pact Coffee, which was a review of the great service that I received from Pact Coffee, and also their coffee. The first coffee I had from them was their “Planalto, Malt Milk Chocolate Shake” coffee, which I was very, very impressed with. You can either select your own coffee each time […]

Coffee Subscription Review – Comparisons and Comments.

Roasting Speciality Coffee at Adams & Russell.
Adams & Russell are a small batch coffee roaster based in Birkenhead near Liverpool, supplying both wholesale and retail. They’ve been around a long time, and I’ve heard some nice things about them, so when they invited me to visit the roastery and take part in one of their brew school events, I jumped in my car and headed for the […]

Visit to Adams & Russell Coffee Roasters

A few years back, a fella called Dan Webber was doing some experimental coffee roasting via a wood burner, with samples from a farm in Kenya, fueled by his passion for coffee, and some lumps of wood. The result – a Chimney fire, and a brand name! The fire is well and truly out, but the passion for coffee still burns, […]

Chimney Fire Coffee Launch & Cupping

The Best Coffee in the World.
Wondering what is the best coffee in the world? Well, I know what it is, and I might just tell you, because I’m a nice guy ;-). It is…. Drumroll… speciality coffee. Freshly roasted high quality coffee beans from one of the dozens of small batch coffee roasters that we’re fortunate enough to have in the UK! Exactly which speciality coffee […]

Best Coffee in the World

Coffee Shop for Sale
  Running a coffee shop is something that appeals to me, I can’t think of a small business I would enjoy running more, than owning a specialty coffee shop & making coffee all day. OK I’d probably be drinking so much of it myself that I wouldn’t make much profit ;-), but still… I regularly have a look at coffee […]

Coffee shop for sale, fancy opening a Cafe?

The Coffee Bean Belt.
Someone recently asked the question, “Where is coffee from?”. I thought this was interesting because there are so many dimensions to the question that the person asking it probably wasn’t aware of. Someone wanting to know more about coffee can actually become a lot more informed by seeking to answer all dimensions of this question, so I thought I’d write this […]

Where is Coffee From?

Coffee pod machines comparisons.
The question most people have when they’re considering buying a coffee pod machine, is whether to go for  Tassimo Vs Nespresso , Dolce Gusto or Douwe Egberts senseo. If you’ve not yet decided on a pod machine then you may be trying to decide whether to go for a single cup pod  coffee maker or a traditional espresso machine or fully auto bean to cup, but […]

Tassimo Vs Nespresso, DolceGusto & Senseo Coffee Pod Machines.

Flying Saucers. 4
While researching my recent post about coffee being both good and bad for health, I stumbled across a conspiracy involving the big coffee brands! This involves the UK government too, the NHS, and UFOs. OK I lied about the UFOs. But I did discover something very surprising, and this is the apparent disregard by the big coffee brands when it comes […]

Coffeegate – The Great Caffeine Conspiracy

Ultimate Cafetiere Technique?
When I started the blog about a year ago, I mainly brewed via cafetiere, and I was just starting my voyage of discovery with other coffee brewing methods. I didn’t have any problem with cafetiere coffee, in fact I loved it and still do, but I had my eyes opened to lots of other brewing methods such as V60, Aeropress […]

The Ultimate Cafetiere Technique? Try This!

Waitrose Coffee Queue
I’ve been aware for quite a while that if you have a Waitrose card, you can get free coffee while you’re in there, Americano, Espresso, Cappuccino & Latte. I got a Waitrose card for this very reason, and then discovered that you can also get a free newspaper if you spend over a fiver there in the week, bonus. It’s […]

Waitrose Stopping Free Coffee Because of “Chavs”

Coffee could increase in price thanks to brexit.
This isn’t a political post, I’m not talking here about whether leaving the EU is the right choice or not, I’ve shared my opinion on that before. I don’t think it makes a difference now, the decision was made we just need to make the best of it. What I wanted to talk about in this post though is what […]

Speciality Coffee Soon to Cost More. Thanks Brexit!

As you’ll know if you’ve read some of my earlier posts, I’ve had my Gaggia classic now for over a year. I bought a pre 2009 version, it’s actually 14 years old, but being one of the original made in Milan machines, it was built to last. One of the things that had been beginning to frustrate me with the […]

Gaggia Classic Latte Art Hack – Throw The Manual Away ...

10 signs you are addicted to coffee. 1
This is a guest post & funny creative by a bunch of mutual coffee addicts at Freshpresso There are very few things in life that we take very seriously and coffee is one of them. If you’re not addicted to coffee then you haven’t really experienced the wrath of this dark magic potion that gives you superhuman abilities. However, if you need […]

10 Signs You Are Addicted to Coffee.

list of UK coffee roasters
The New, Complete UK Coffee Roasters List is NEARLY here… Below is the original list of UK coffee roasters, which includes 188 UK roasters. The new list which I’ve just completed, of coffee roasters in mainland UK, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, is being coded right now, and will be ready at the end of Jan.  This new list […]

List of UK Coffee Roasters – Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans.

Office Coffee Cups.
Do you have your own coffee or tea cup that you use in the office rather than using a mug or cup that other people use? If so, does it stay on your desk all day, or do you wash it well after each use? I’ve just read something which turned my stomach… According to a Charles Gerba, professor of […]

Your Coffee Cup is Full of Crap

Franz Kolschitzky Statue, Vienna. 1
If you know everything there is to know about coffee, then you may know these – in which case, the post title would be wrong. But in any case, this is a list of 6 facts about coffee that the majority of people aren’t aware of. Knowing these things puts you in the upper echelons of coffee lovers, you are […]

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Coffee!

Hilary Clinton Drinks Coffee.
OK, that is actually a half truth; Hillary Clinton drinks coffee, as she can be seen doing here at Octane Coffee in Grant Park, Atlanta, the beatboxing bit I made up. I was bored. I’m not actually sure if that is Hillary Clinton or a wax model, she looks frozen, must be a decent coffee! By the way, if I was American […]

Hillary Clinton Drinks Coffee, Then Starts Beatboxing!!

Could Coffee Combat Depression?
Needless to say, depression is a horrible, horrible thing. Living with depression is unbearable, and the suicide statistics in the UK report that suicide is the leading cause of death from men aged 20-34 in England and Wales, so it’s no laughing matter, and I wouldn’t write a blog post about depression lightly, it’s such a serious issue. I struggled […]

Could Coffee Combat Depression?

Is coffee good for you or bad for you.
It seems that one minute drinking coffee is bad for you, the next minute coffee is good for you. Still now with all the evidence coming to light that it’s good for your health, it doesn’t take much research to find evidence appearing to suggest that coffee is actually bad for you. So, what’s the crack? I’ve spent some time looking […]

Why is Coffee Good for you, and Bad for you??

Jura Impressa Bean to Cup espresso machine. 2
Bean to cup coffee machines are a nice idea, put great freshly roasted coffee beans in the top, choose the coffee you want, press a button – enjoy. But if you’re considering bean to cup, there is one question I think you need to ask yourself before you take the plunge: Do you really want a bean to cup coffee machine? […]

One Question You Need to Ask Before Buying a Bean ...

andreas 1
Speciality coffee is enjoying a real surge of popularity in the UK and globally, and there are many people who’re just starting to hear the term, and are asking ‘what is speciality coffee?’, if you’re wondering this, then this post is for you. I’ve been drinking coffee for as long as I can remember, but my relationship with coffee has changed […]

What is Speciality Coffee & Why Should You Care?

Coffee Productivity Infographic.
At the end of 2015, I wrote a post about the effect of coffee (well, caffeine in particular) on circadian rhythm, and how observing this connection can help you to get the best buzz from coffee. In short, the buzz we get from caffeine, and the performance enhancing effects that many of us notice from drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages, […]

Coffee and Productivity – Does Coffee Make You Work Better?

Goat Story Mug 1
As I’m admittedly completely obsessed by coffee, I think I’m a good person to suggest coffee gifts for other coffee lovers. In fact this blog was inspired by a gift I received from my wife and kids for my Birthday, which was a new Stainless steel cafetiere, and it was when I was writing an Amazon review for that, that I decided […]

Coffee Gifts – Perfect Gifts for Coffee Lovers.

If you follow me on twitter, you will probably have seen my morning tweets where I post a picture of my morning flat white, with my latest latte art attempt. I only do this by the way when the attempt was at least slightly passable for latte art, sometimes I make a complete pigs ear of it, in which case […]

INSTANT Freshly Brewed Coffee Via Aeropress!

Fig and Sparrow Manchester.
It’s a sunny Saturday morning in Manchester, and I’m sat in Fig & Sparrow waiting for my Cortado, which I’ve just ordered. I nearly did a live review of this coffee shop a while back, but I couldn’t get a seat as it was packed, and I can see now that if you don’t want to queue for a seat […]

Fig & Sparrow Manchester. LIVE Coffee Shop Review.

Bunna Coffee. 1
This is a guest post by Rudy Caretti, founder of Gimoka Coffee UK. Full author info at the bottom of the page.  There is no doubt coffee is among the widely consumed beverages around the world. With about 2 billion cups sold each day, coffee has clearly carved its own place in the lives of many. Whereas some take it every morning […]

Cultural Significance Of Coffee Around The World

Someone recently asked the question “what is a Barista?”, and initially it surprised me to think that people wouldn’t know this, but then I reminded myself that not everyone is as obsessed with coffee as I am ;-), and that while anyone involved in the world of coffee will of course know what a Barista is, some people won’t be familiar with […]

What is a Barista?

Single Origin Coffee Chart 2
This is a guest post and cool coffee infographic from Adams & Russell Coffee Roasters. Have you ever found it a struggle to easily compare single origin coffee beans when looking for those that meet your palette? Well that’s where this post comes in. Adams & Russell have created an informative visual, known as an infographic, to help you compare the most […]

Coffee Infographic: Comparing Your Single Origin Beans

This is a guest post, from food and travel photographer Will Hedley,, (@FlySoup_ on Twitter and Instagram), sharing some of his coffee experiences from his recent journey down the side streets of Hanoi’s old quarter. The streets of Hanoi Travelling the length and breadth of Vietnam gave me the opportunity to sample coffees of the country – the second largest producer of coffee […]

Coffees of Vietnam: as much about culture as it is ...

flat white ezra and gil
So I’m sat right now in Ezra & Gil “Coffee and Provisions” in the Northern Quarter in Manchester, doing a live independent coffee shop review. I’ve not had chance to come in here since it opened last year, and I kind of just ended up at the open doors, and given that I could eat a horse (not literally, I’m pescatarian, […]

Ezra & Gil Manchester. LIVE coffee shop review.

Jackhammer Coffee
Quick disclaimer first, this is an honest review of Jackhammer coffee, it is not a paid review and I have no links to the company whatsoever, they simply asked me if I’d like to try their coffee, and sent me a bag – I tried it, and this is what I thought of it. I Recently had an email from Jackhammer […]

Jackhammer Coffee Review.

Not Loving Vegetarian Options at Mcdonalds.
For a fast food restaurant, Mcdonalds really impress me when it comes to their coffee. Obviously I wouldn’t say it’s on parr with coffee you would get from a good indi coffee shop, and you wouldn’t expect it to be, but it’s freshly brewed using bean to cup machines, and it’s great in my opinion given the convenience and the price. They […]

McDonalds, Your Coffee isn’t Bad, Your Veggie Options are ...

Costa portafilter. 1
What’s Bean Happening. Weekly Coffee News. 5th August 2016. Coffee news that got my attention this week: Would you like any pastries with your coffee, Oral? Founder of a new ‘Fellatio Café in Geneva, which is set to open in Dec 2016, has his sights on London as his next fellatio Café location. We’ve seen coffee shops with controversial names in the […]

Oral with your Coffee – Coffee Makes you Fat? – ...

Green party leader Natalie Bennett recently asked for a Latte in her reusable coffee cup during a Great Western Railway train journey from Truro to Plymouth. I think it is safe to assume that the person serving her didn’t realise that it was the leader of the green party that he was trying to force to take a disposable coffee cup! He apparently […]

Let’s Bin Disposable Coffee Cups…

Menkeskesha. 1
I received an email recently from a coffee roasting firm called Boun Beans, asking me if I’d like to try their freshly roasted coffee beans, to which I replied something along the lines of… daft question ;-), of course I would. Now of course I’m not going to turn down the chance to try any coffee, I love the stuff. […]

Boun Beans, Seriously Good Freshly Roasted Coffee

  Flat white is a coffee which is soaring in popularity. I used to feel I was part of some special elite group when ordering flat white at a coffee shop ;-), not any more, since every other person I hear ordering coffee at the moment seems to be ordering flat white, what’s going on?! I have heard a few […]

The Difference Between Flat White and Latte or Cappuccino.
I actually really like Nespresso machines, and I like the concept of Nespresso. George Clooney, I can take or leave, coffee – I prefer to take, and I’ve tasted some very nice Nespresso coffee, but what initially put me off a Nespresso machine was the thought of being tied into only having the coffee that they put in their pods. […]

Freshly Brewed Speciality Coffee Via Nespresso Machines?

Filter Coffee.
Filter Coffee vs Espresso     The coffee vs series are short posts designed to help people clarify the difference between anything coffee related. In this short post we’re looking at the difference between filter coffee vs. espresso. You probably already know the difference, but for those who don’t (and if you don’t you’re not alone) this post is for you. Drip […]

Filter Coffee Vs. Espresso – What’s The Difference Between Them?

In my last vs. coffee post I covered the difference between espresso and drip filter, and in that post I mentioned drip filter and cafetiere / french press pot coffee not being the same. Some people think of cafetiere coffee being the same as filter coffee, but it’s different in many ways, so I wanted to write this post just […]

Difference Between Filter Coffee and Cafetiere Coffee

Aeropress vs cafetiere - FIGHT!
I love cafetiere coffee, I love Aeropress coffee, Espresso, pourover – there’s a recurring theme here… I love coffee! But there’s something I’ve become aware of lately, and that is the impression that some people have that the Aeropress is a form or style of cafetiere / French press, rather than a coffee maker in its own right. This is […]

Aeropress Vs. Cafetiere / French Press.

Can't go fishing without a flask of coffee. 1
I’ve loved coffee for as long as I can remember and then some. I recently tried to pinpoint where my love of coffee first started, and although my memory doesn’t go far enough back to when I first tasted it, I think I know where my love of coffee probably developed. I was really into fishing as a kid, it was […]

Coffee Brewing Methods – Expand Your Coffee Vision.

Aeropress Camping.
The Aeropress is one of the best things since sliced bread, definitely one of the best coffee makers ever invented; but, does it actually make true espresso, and can you get it to produce crema? I’m writing this post because when first bought mine, this was one of the questions I had. I’d seen some people saying that you can […]

Does Aeropress Make True Espresso with Crema?

Coffee Rust.
Global warming, climate change, bla bla yawn… I know, we’re all sick of hearing about it, and my automatic thought response to anything I read about this subject is usually something along the lines of “we have no control over it anyway”, or “how can getting warmer be a bad thing, especially in cold South Manchester?”, but then I read […]

Climate Change & Coffee…

Coffee Grinder.
So I was in need of a coffee grinder, and I was amazed at what a difficult decision it is to decide which one I should get. I was also amazed by how much money I found I was going to have to invest, just on something with a motor and a couple of chunks of metal to grind coffee beans. It would appear that […]

Coffee Grinder – Which one??

Sage Smart Grinder Pro Unboxing 1
In my recent post coffee grinder, which one?? I shared my decision making process with regard which grinder to go for, having spent quite some time sifting through the available options and narrowing it down. I knew that I wanted an affordable grinder, I wasn’t going to be investing several hundred pounds on a grinder, but I wanted something that […]

Sage Smart Grinder Pro Review

Decadent Decaf. 4
    A few weeks ago I received a tweet from @DecadentDecaf asking me if I’d like to try their speciality decaf coffee, and after reading some reviews calling this the best decaf coffee in the UK, obviously I replied yes please, and they very kindly sent me four bags of freshly roasted coffee beans to sample: Ethiopia Sidamo, Signature Espresso Blend, Indonesia […]

Is This The Best decaf coffee in the UK? Decaf ...

Prosumer Espresso Machines.
In my recent Gaggia Classic review, and in my Sage Oracle Review refer to prosumer machines, and I realise that some people won’t be familiar with the term, as I wasn’t fairly recently, so I thought I’d try to explain the difference. Commercial espresso machines cost a lot of money, are made with much higher quality components, are much better made […]

Prosumer Espresso Machines Vs Consumer Espresso Machines.

Sage By Heston Blumenthall The Oracle, Sitting in my Kitchen! 6
I spent a week with the Sage by Heston Blumenthal espresso machine “The Oracle“, I didn’t spend a week with Heston Blumenthal himself… although I can imagine that would be equally interesting! A while ago I wrote a post called The Espresso Machines I Might Buy When I Win The Lottery. In that post, the first machine I mentioned was the […]

Sage Oracle Review. My Week With Sage By Heston Blumenthal ...